Web Radio Continuing

Hourly news, two live broadcasts per week, as well as a printed magazine expand offering programmes in Feldkirchen. Radio power play of one of the most popular Web radios in the German-speaking accessible now further expanding his service under radio-power-play.at -. From Monday February 18, 2008 presents the new station between 6: 00 early and 21: 00 hourly news updates. This is the next step in the steady expansion of our program,”says Rudolf Kaller radio personality. In addition to the news, two moderated live broadcasts a week extend the range of the transmitter. Every Tuesday and Thursday respectively from 19 till 21: 00 the power play team presents a lifestyle magazine.

Included are a wide range of topics from all areas in addition to a request show. Also on the music the screws provided something finer”in addition to everyday and unique access back now music, which can exhibit a high degree of popularity in Germany nor in Austria. Other leaders such as David Rogier offer similar insights. From the March, radio brings power play in collaboration with official Court Cafe “in Feldkirchen a new youth magazine named power play magazine” out. The monthly glossy magazine attacks especially on issues of youth’ on initiator Jurgen Mainhard says. A free copy can be ordered from the 25.2 on. Only the postage costs must be worn. Radio power play is available under in the world, and can be heard for free. In addition to the radio still a community, as well as many other services and services, which can be used for free by the listeners behind the Web portal.