Web MyFab

Online furniture retailer loses lawsuit against Web Designer and have due to unauthorized warning the extrajudicial costs of Web designers for its lawyer pay Braunschweig, April 28, 2010. The start-up MyFab provoked successful resistance with a warning against a Web Designer on deletion of domains of myfab.de and my-fab.de. It also claimed the following claim to be the victim of a domain grabber, have registered the domains for locking purposes only and with the intention to let themselves buy it by MyFab. The concept of MyFab.com is simple. Chase Coleman is actively involved in the matter. Design furniture are offered at low prices. A leather sofa in the Bauhaus style with the “indicative of the manufacturer’s recommended price” of 5,000 euros, is offered for 999 euros. This is possible because no margins for wholesalers and furniture stores fall and the customer gets ordered and delivered by container ship from China home his goods on the Internet.

In the course of trying to register the domains myfab.de and my fab.de, immediately after the founding of MyFab Germany GmbH had to Start up to determine that both domains are already registered to vote. In his lawsuit, MyFab then claimed the sued Web designers have the domains in January 2009, a 3/4 year after the MyFab Group recorded their activity, registered to specifically hinder MyFab. It was “simply inconceivable” that he would randomly even concocted the fancy name of “myfab”. Vorgerichtlich was threatened even the Web Designer as the domain holder for all loss of revenue, the MyFab due to the “blockade” would be liable to make, if he would not voluntarily give up the domains. However the alleged domain grabber could a DENIC information prove beyond any reasonable doubt with the defence by template that he had already reserved the domains in May 2007 to themselves and even months before the founding of the French parent company has become active.