Me gustaria that thousands were readers of this article, not by pretensions of good writer, rather by wish to say, that the mass dissemination of mass media didn’t say timely. Today is 2008-02-03, and precisely in sixteen days they met thirteen years of militarization of Venezuela air traffic control services. It was a Sunday day and early in the morning were taken all control towers, offices, approach control and control centres. What happened, you know the why of an arbitrary measure? He spent all motivated to generalized deafness of the Government for this important service; Apart from revenge of the Minister of labour, Juan Nepomuceno Garrido, all because years ago lost a son in an air tragedy, event that not investigated thoroughly and where unilaterally decided that all air traffic controllers in the country were responsible. Reasons without any legal or labor weight, more, added an free enemy in the Ministry of transport and communications, citizen Ciro Zaa, grey official who as a Minister ended with one of the most solvent services in the short history of the civil controllers; Apart from being a corrupt and a great reader of the complete works of Gaceta Hipica. Militarization was a finished product, long before the air force wanted to put his hands to the air traffic services, and we, like the people of PDVSA, will put the papita. But, to consummate the Act, they should count on a number of factors, such as: the continuous pressure of the Venezuelan Chamber of air transport, the media of masses that define public opinion. And the most sad, all wine with the acceptance of the Venezuelan people, manipulated by the television channels and the large press with few exceptions. What sold you the country?, who were their enemies, that us parabamos each time; something that never happened, because we never went to a strike, our conflicts were not invented, were part of a system almost collapsed after the militarization ended and auctioned.