Various Micronutrients

Vitamins and minerals the important micro-nutrients as micronutrients are vitamins and minerals known with the mineral substances in quantities and trace elements are divided. The body needs a balanced intake of all micro-nutrients to be able to operate optimally. This is taking off and lose weight just as important as the skin care and for example in treating wrinkles. The so-called B-vitamins intervene heading, in many ways as co enzymes in the metabolism of main nutrients, i.e. in the energy and metabolism of construction of.

It is called right pictorially explosives for the performance. Vitamins C and E, as well as pro-vitamin A, however, more play a role in the protection of the health of the body, also against harmful environmental influences. Minerals such as the elements of quantities of are calcium and phosphorus on the building of our bones and teeth involved, while the trace elements iron, for the transport of oxygen in the blood is responsible. While the main nutrients carbohydrates (starch and) Sugar) and fats are the actual energy suppliers, is attached to the protein a more important task than to be only calorie supplier. Food proteins building substances are actually for all body cells and endogenous substances such as enzymes and certain hormones. The body’s immune-system components of the immune system consist of protein building blocks. Children and young people in the growth as well as professional athletes, running, strength training, have an increased protein requirement.

Adults with light physical work require daily about 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, athletes up to twice the amount, that is, 1.6 grams. The claim that you must eat much meat to secure its supply of protein, is outdated. Bread, oatmeal, pasta, rice and legumes are plant foods that contain a lot of high-quality protein. Also it is known that combines for the daily meals, protein from the various foods to high-quality protein combinations, that can cover the body protein requirement even once without meat. Zinc is a component of several enzymes of the as and important for the immune system. This trace element is missing, it comes to massive errors in these highly complex systems. This can make changes noticeable, for example, in stunted, a delayed wound healing and skin, hair and nail. Rashes, eczema, and chronic Piz infections of the skin are common when a poor supply of zinc. Also hair loss and streaky or spotty nails are characteristic. Zinc ointment is one of the best means to improve skin and tissue healing. Skin diseases due to zinc deficiency, skin doctors prescribe often special zinc supplements to take. In the mail-order pharmacy of new brand pills can be ordered nutritional supplements at low cost. Zinc is also as effective aid against acne by itself talk. Research according to zinc is apparently necessary, so that the body can fully utilize vitamin A.