Van Gogh

I told him that they were from the USA (: The kid quickly hit on the idea. Naturally, when he went to school and walked in the yard, he took this gun with him. A couple of days went rumor at school that I have a dad (other rumors uncle) has recently arrived from the USA and brought the guns. When I was started to treat people with requests to play around, I said evasively that they say dad brought them here for sale. Of course, then in 7-12 years, children have heard a lot about the U.S. and about business. Then it was all a gimmick. But what the pistols were pakotsanye and poorly shot nobody thought.

Honestly, if generally very few people had thought. Remember how bought shoes for $ 10 from China, which was written BiBas and everyone thought it adidas? And then they burst sole or sock break in two. So on guns, nobody paid attention. Everyone thought that once the United States, it means that it deficit. Because then it was difficult to buy even any toy, not that of the United States.

In general, everything went just fine. Everyone realized that I was left with only 4 guns, they were all unique and they all wanted to get them. I sold them to friends of the guy who I was and "PR." They were the most respected gang in the yard, so I killed two birds with one stone. I sold what I wanted. And I became friends with the "authorities" of our yard. I immediately began to be respected. But it's all my childhood and did not post about it (: In sum, I had $ 4 cash from these old guns. Needless to say, a week later I bought "pistik his dream, which was much better than these guys, but nobody have not been to this case. And I have always had in stock a story about my father, my uncle, who brought me this toy from the U.S.. Actually what I'm told it all. I told this to the fact that always try to do near you and your product hype uniqueness. For example, in the same training often like to say phrases like: "This training will be conducted only once" or "The price of the training next month to grow." These are the usual tricks that let you create and around any Product halo Limited Edition. By the way this is a very good impact on sales in the VIP segment. Many unique in their way things are bought with a vengeance millionerchiki. See how the toss paintings at auctions or items of famous people. Letter from Van Gogh sold at auction for 336,000 dollars. Seems like a simple piece of paper can cost as much? It's all about the uniqueness of the bills. If Van Gogh were 1000 of these letters, then their value would be much less. And if Van Gogh was not known, then this letter to anyone it was not necessary. And actually this Limited Edition, which I now say. So do all the forces of hype. It will bring good money. Do not forget about it.