Use Pipes

installation of polyethylene pipe is cheaper and easier. Very convenient and rational is the use of plastic pipes for drinking water. Plumbing plastic pipe is incredibly popular, due to the fact that the inside of plastic pipe perfectly smooth, and it allows water to move quickly on them without turbulence. Also polyethylene pipes are different security-enhanced and water polyethylene pipes are clean with parameters corresponding to all the requirements of modern standards that encourages the choice is polyethylene pipes. Pressure polyethylene pipes are also widely used by industry. Pressure polyethylene pipes are designed to pressure from 4 to 20 atm. As the pressure pipelines are most commonly used: gas pipes, plastic pressure for cold water, drain plastic pipes and insulated pipes ppu.

When installing the polyethylene pipe and fittings use several ways to connect: butt welding on pressurized polyethylene pipes are more likely to polyethylene pipes sewer, ie tube attached to the pipe, as well as the possibility of welding with mortgage electric heaters. In another method of welding is as follows: tube, then attached coupling, and it goes the other tube. Method of butt welding practice when connecting to water polyethylene pipes, with connecting pipelines and aqueducts, the compound carrying cases made of polyethylene, as well as in other cases. When using butt welding polyethylene pipes are needed and fittings of the same diameter and one brand, which is also very important in this connection type. The characteristic positive side butt welding is that it is very economical method as it does not require some other equipment. Note that when butt welding of polyethylene pipes and fittings, pipe thickness shall not be less than 5 mm.

The air temperature during butt welding can vary from -15 degrees to + 45. Water pipes can be installed by the second method, it provides for fittings with embedded heaters. At the Omsk plant of pipe insulation "as the company launched production of pipes where the customer can, along with plastic pipes also book supply of fittings hdpe. Depending on the type of welding installation of polyethylene pipes and fittings can be produced in two modes: the mechanical mode and automatic mode. Production of fittings can be carried out under order to provide convenient and comfortable welding, depending on whether you have a welder. In addition, we can produce plastic pipes and fittings based on drawings provided by you.