UMTS Internet

Rapidly progressing the development of network has long been our world is networked virtually impossible to imagine the Internet from the life and work of the people. The main focus for the Web of the future is on two fundamental pillars: mobility and speed. Mobile radio areas, making it possible to surf at incredible speed with your mobile phone or laptop on the Internet and in a short time to download large documents on the devices, are needed for this purpose, to combine both. The current standard for mobile network the UMTS technology – have only allows our current usage of the network via Smartphone. But more is needed for a future where more and more people need to use the new technologies mobile: so is the buzzword of the future long term evolution. It is to a future mobile radio standard, which is to replace the conventional UMTS.

It promises fantastic high speeds for the navigation in the virtual world through a huge transfer rate (at least. 100 Mbit / s!). Mobile Internet is competitive so absolutely traditional DSL connection. To read more click here: Adam Portnoy. When is LTE available? The new LTE networks will be available also as good as anywhere! Just who does not live in the cities, often only could dream of brisk Internet. Be connected to the USB interface of the PC Internet ticks – about the UMTS stick from Vodafone – with which customers can use the mobile network so far and which are easily available from the provider. Also here a UMTS flat rate, which ensures low-cost flat-rate mobile browsing and unbound benefits of the current UMTS networks is recommended.

The supporters have their networks for HSDPA (high-speed downlink packet access) equipped, a technique that provides DSL comparable data transfer rates in the mobile network. That the coming technology will soon just as comfortable mobile can be used on the existing UMTS Frenquenzbereiche, just with the mentioned advantages, is to be expected with an Internet tick by O2 – a LTE Internet stick. Unfortunately is you anything have to be patient at all looking forward to the new technical opportunities -, until these are complete and total coverage available. LTE is still a sign of the future soon can the expansion which evolution – nets future long term can be expected, the licenses for the new technologies have been auctioned off end of May 2010 and the already started testing phase should be finished in the course of this year. No later than 2011 the network expansion and the necessary hardware should be according to the major operators, ready. Already now, we can forward to the techniques and be curious! Just for people who want to be professional reasons to reach as far as possible at any time online, long term is its evolution the drug of choice: on foreign trips in the hotel or in train concerning the daily work, in the restaurant or City Park. Also the transmission of Voicediensten and video telephony via the Web protocol enable the small latency in long term evolution (see:.) Using LTE will you also anywhere and at any time easily can engage in the popular Internet games.Conclusion: LTE will therefore offer greater freedom and flexibility all Internet users. The future has already taken place and worth the wait! Hans Meier