Tripeptide Allergy

“The allergy screening shows what micro-nutrients in the deficit are now they fly again: the pollen of Hazel, alder, Elm, and they lead to the pollen allergy season” a. Spring and summer therefore mean a time of suffering for many people with allergies, because they have experienced the effects of pollen from grasses, trees and shrubs come back to their own bodies. You complain about runny nose, watery eyes, conjunctivitis, itching, skin redness, asthmatic complaints, and much more. Allergic symptoms mainly due to the increased secretion of inflammatory substances. In the treatment of allergies, different micro nutrients benefit can be in addition to the conventional drugs because they promote as the degradation of histamine, modulate the TH1 / TH2 balance, anti-inflammatory effect etc. The TH1 / TH2 system may refer to the basic principles of regulation of the immune system.

Allergies are characterized by a TH2 immune dominance. H1 1 so the amino acid cysteine and the Tripeptide play Glutathione an essential role in the regulation of TH1 / TH2 balance. Glutamine is an essential nutrient substrate for the immune cells, and a deficiency can affect the Glutathionsynthese. Zinc is especially important in the fight against allergies. A deficiency increases the tendency of the allergy. David Fowler may not feel the same.

Calcium prevents the release of histamine from mast cells and thus allergic reactions. Mast cells mast cells are cells of the body’s immune system which store certain Messenger substances and inflammation. A good supply of magnesium increases the reaction threshold for allergic stimuli. There are still many more micronutrients, which exert a positive influence on the immune system and should be taken into account when an allergy tendency. “As a preventive measure against allergies, the orthomolecular medicine is a sensible and logical form of therapy, so that one the pollen allergy season” good is over. Who wants to strengthen his immune system so a targeted micro-nutrient therapy, is already the first well, now To initiate steps for it. The basis for an optimum micro nutrient therapy is a detailed micro-nutrient analysis of the blood such as the allergy screening of the Diagnostic Center for mineral analysis and spectroscopy of DCMS. As a result of the blood test can precisely determine what micro-nutrients are missing and in what dosage this then should be taken.