Translation Trees

So, to no avail, I trying to find someone who can clearly explain what is an apostille and how it's done. The third series – the call to a mobile specialist Apostille and two "dropped" call. In order not to make a first impression in the soap episode, I decided to stop here and go to another agency. And now evaluating the test results as a whole, I did not leave the desire to know who still dare to call this place the first Kiev psu. And if they indeed the first, what is it expressed? The company "Avent" response has exceeded my expectations, because even I absolutely illiterate in this matter a man with a single sentence to understand what an apostille and why you need it. I got complete information about the problem itself, and several methods of solution, and the cost (35 usd. one paper, plus 180 uah.

– Apostille, uah 35 .- notarization), and the actual timing. For a concise and intelligible answer "Avent" honestly earned the highest rating. The fourth task was the translation into Romanian treaty on foreign trade. Conversation with bp "Friendship of Peoples" reminded me of the torture, where I acted as an executioner, and poor Consultant – guerrilla, by all means hiding information. All I managed to extract – the cost of which will be 16 dollars per 2000 characters. Everything else – a secret, independent of an almighty interpreter and his employment moment. On the same issue, I decided to apply to Translation Trees, "where he again heard the phrase about the workload of an interpreter.