Training At The Timmendorfer Strand

Timmendorfer Strand offers the House of technology on the subject of project management and business administration for non-technical of Intensvtrainings in small groups. Intensive project management 01-02.07.2013 Maritim Hotel Timmendorf project management is the key discipline to realize faster changes. The intensive course gives a coherent overview of all mission-critical methods and tools of project management. Gary Kelly follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. He can serve as a basis for in-depth work with the theme or the compact refresh after many years of practical experience, too. Through several case studies and exercises, as well as the opportunity to edit their own topics, each participant has the opportunity to test the practicality of the essential project management methods and to determine its personal knowledge.

Providing entertaining and memorable of the fabric by means of examples from real projects is complemented by structured participation documents for practice transfer and further deepening. Commercial and business basics for non-business graduates with 03. 05.07.2013 Game Maritim Hotel Timmendorf addressed are practitioners and specialists, management and junior staff who are successful in their area of responsibility, but note that practical knowledge of business administration for a further rise is essential. Against the background of a holistic corporate management, the relationships and interactions of operational tasks are illuminated. Case studies and exercises teach basic knowledge of selected areas of management. The value creation in the company is being tested in a game. Facilitate cooperation with employees and customers as well as the acquisition of tasks with profit responsibility. Interested in detailed information under: W-H020-07-142-3 W-H020-07-136-3 Dipl.-ing. Kai banks man