Trafalgar Square

Approaching the day of St. Patrick, one of the most popular worldwide holidays! March 17 is the celebration of Saint Patrick, an Irish feast that honors who outside the missionary who evangelized and brought Christianity to the island in the century 400 DC. Since the initiation of the festivities, the week presents various festivities that are adorned by the characteristic green colour and the famous Lucky Clovers. St Patrick studied religion in Europe, then he traveled to Ireland to take the word of Christ and it was there where he became preacher of the Gospel. Ireland, was an island which at that time was divided into many clans subject to the powerful authority of the Druids.

San Patricio, was accustomed to use the three leaf clover as a metaphor to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity (father, son and Holy Spirit). He said it was the same unit like clover, but with three different people. Legend has it that St. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with baby clothes. Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland, entering into the sea where they drowned. The serpent was a pagan symbol revered, and tells the story of the alejo Paganism outside Ireland. The majority of cities in the United Kingdom have large populations of Ireland and, like the Irish communities around the world, will be celebrating St. Patrick’s day Irish pubs and centres throughout the country. London converts St.

Patrick’s day in at least one week of parties, free performances and all kinds of festive activities related to Irish culture. Great public spaces in Central London such as: Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden and Leicester Square, presented an unforgettable framework for the celebration. The days leading up to March 17, can now be seen preparations for music bands from Ireland and the United Kingdom, a show starring the green color in which the bagpipes, the floats, music and beer are great hosts. The Festival also presents a food market at Covent Garden, a Ceilidh with lots of songs and dances in Leicester Square, outdoor performances, and a why not, an Irish coffee in Trafalgar Square. In this way, the many tourists who are often grouped together on weekends in these areas, mingle with Londoners and the Irish community in a party in which the tradition of the neighbouring island attracts thousands of people. All have the opportunity to learn about culture, music, crafts, food and, of course, the distinctive beer of Ireland. Enters and reserve you a place at the party! Take advantage of proposals for accommodation low cost here are waiting for you and enjoy your budget to pure fun.