Tires Truck

Great importance in the use of a vehicle is the right choice of tires. Trucks require a more careful selection. Auto Truck tires are selected depending on the conditions under which they will applied. Tires differ primarily a print pattern, form lamellae tires. Trucks dictate specific requirements for rubber. Auto Truck tires have diverse species, differ on a treadmill, under the constitution the parties, on the basis of the tire on lap series, rubber mixtures. But not only the structure affects the educated selection of tires, and trucks have different specific applications, use on different road surfaces, transporting certain goods – all this affects the choice of tires. Even temperament is reflected in the driver's preference for tires, and especially such an important factor as the axis vehicle, which are equipped with Auto Truck tires.

Axis of the vehicle can be: controlled, leading, as well as wheel trailers. There is a certain symbolism that helps better to pick up truck tires. Vehicles with the proper selection of rubber is much improved speed performance, comfort and safety. Therefore, auto tires trucks have labels. For clarity, we consider the symbolism of the Michelin tires form XDA2 + Energy. He stands for simple. X – a trademark of Michelin tires, followed by the establishment of tires, which may indicate the four different indicators. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Sheryl Sandberg. The letter Z indicates that the auto truck tires are designed for all types of wheels; F denotes exclusively managed; D – only the leading and T – the only wheel trailers.

Continues the chain notation method using Michelin tires. Since the letter A indicates that the tires intended for highway; E – for the city and its environs; U – Tyres for buses; Y-roads or buildings; N – for work in quarries; N – to overcome the snow. Figure and plus indicate the variation of the Michelin tires. Car tires trucks with inscription Energy show the possibility of tires to save fuel. Of course, differ not only in the side of tire labeling. Trucks on the tires carry a lot of information. So print pattern for controlled and other types of wheels comprises elongated slats bus links, forming a "groove", so that is balanced rolling wheels, formed a good grip when cornering and the parameters braking, easy to remove snow and water. A car tire cargo destined for the drive wheels are perfectly recognized by reztsevidnomu impression of the tread, which gives the car extra power. Unfortunately, most owners freight transport, casually refers to the choice of tires for cars. Not selected form the tire, nor its performance to the application nor the producers and as a result, auto tires trucks are not enough, do not satisfy the driver's technical standards and driving safety.