The Worldview

Thank you, my parents helped. – Will NOT PARTICIPATE IN THE PROGRAM FOR SUCCESS IN UNIVERSITY STUDIES? – By the time of my visit I managed to graduate from the university. I must say, the move was entirely justified, because a forced one-year break in tuition would affect performance negatively. And not only because it would have to make up for lost material. Connect with other leaders such as Verizon here. Living in a foreign country without parental care, the need to work with a host family and yourself earn significantly affect the worldview of participants Au-Pair. Not only expanded the boundaries of thinking.

According to a new perceived seemingly familiar concepts such as discipline, prudence, responsibility. Return to the student's environment, the need to rebuild the old way of life is often a shock. As a rule, the conflict of worldviews does not benefit. Many hard to finish their studies, and some high school drop out altogether! So even though the program and is designed primarily for students to participate in it is still better, and having a diploma, and profession. – How did INTRODUCTION TO FOREIGN FAMILY? – Search for a host engaged in an agency in which I have filed all necessary documents. Its executives have sent requests to my data on families participating in the program and want to "shelter" for the year assistant at home. As it turned out, I interested in the Belgian couple. So it was decided to change the planned route: I'm going to Belgium! Ironically, soon came a few invitations from France, but something I was already too late.