The World

The problem is that we focus both in do or have or achieve that we forget if, in other words, that we are human beings once talked with a participant in one of my classes and she told me with enthusiasm the type of couple who wanted to attract his life: having a good job or have your own company, be highhandsome, elegant, intelligent, you know to have a good conversation, which is admired, having properties of goods roots around the world, which I take vacation twice a year, to be educated and to respect me. I told him, he applauded it, that she had a clear idea of the kind of man that wanted to attract. Then ask you: and you what bring to the relationship to express to this wonderful person?. There were moments of eternal silence .and noticed how she was digging into its interior to give me a satisfactory answer. With hesitation, I said: well don’t know eh oh, I have it: I I take care of the children! Take care of the children is implicit in a marriage part.If she wants to attract this kind of couple to your life with this mindset, the chances of achieving it is very minimal (understand that there may be exceptions), but after all, get a couple is one thing and keep it is another. You can get a person interested in you who is a good conversationalist, but if you can’t supplement that conversation to make it interesting, then that person maybe don’t want to keep talking with you. If you want someone who respects you, but always make the victim and no te das to respect, then you will not you respect.

Obviously this is true both for men and women. If you want to increase your sales, you have to become a good seller. In someone who has the attitudes, knowledge and behaviours that take you to increase your sales.