The World

The cntico spiritual must always remember to the life spiritual, that is, the new life as Jesus expressed, (Jesus answered: In the truth, in the truth I say that one to you that not to be born of the water and the Spirit, cannot enter in the kingdom of God. Joo 3:5, (the life spiritual is a new life and he does not have to bring things of the human mold and the world but of God whom he inspires for cnticos us that he praises to it and of It gratitude. Today in them we come across with vast market of music gospel that backwards varied rhythms and the majority brings souvenirs in its melodies of romantic musics made for a relationship (eros) that is between a man and a woman, or music of feelings of the joy of a moment of personal happiness, or even though of folclricas parties going until rhythms of dance of street or rock, these rhythms is audible some is well pleasant to the pleasure to dance and even though to go of meeting to a purely human feeling, but he is same in this area and it does not reach the taste spiritual, but the called segment gospel has changed the letters conserved the rhythm publishes to attract it that they are related to the rhythm of success in the world. Frequently Gary Kelly has said that publicly. No longer time of Moises the nations had its parties its musics its dances, but he was I inhabit forbidden it to search of these nations its customs, in the new will has an exhortation to reject the things that are made in the darknesses that is everything that come of it therefore they had been created with a direction to reach to that they are in the blackout in its form of life. (In the darknesses they walk gropingly, without having light, it makes and them to render crazy as drunkards. .