The Social

The effect of the certainty factor in the behavior of buyers is very common in most of the consumer markets. Specialists in marketing research known phenomenon when holders of imposing capital spend money very carefully, while other buyers with more modest financial means, surely spend the last savings and even go into debt. Of course, much can be explained, for example, financial responsibility and wisdom cautious buyers, but even these categories have their own foundation in the social, psychological and economic sphere. Most psychological traits are due, at least three main factors: genetic, social, as well as features of ontogenetic development. Some traits are formed on the basis of transmitted by heredity from the parents of psychophysiological personality characteristics, many are regulated in the process of its formation, depending on the strategy and the medium of education of man, his society, the surrounding culture. Confidence as a personality trait is no exception.

During the first decades after birth, when a person is formed as a part of society, many factors could have a major impact on the level of confidence a man who somehow be reflected in future throughout his life. In early childhood, when the human psyche is still emerging, parents play a special role in the upbringing of his confidence. Excessive protection and care for the child often create high barriers to self-development. Further, when a person falls into the social group for the cause of the formation (or destruction) of confidence come from educators, teachers and staff.