The Scientists

It seeks as yet then, to maintain the old, well-known system and continue to improve. This works but less and less, as we can see everywhere. The new energy is already in what is now crowned by success. New energy “does not work”, but carries within itself the consciousness of pure extension. At the moment, where you look in a certain direction and expect something from there, you stay in the old energy. New energy not through ideas and expectations limit. Watch the next few months and years. You will see things, large and small, that were previously inconceivable.

It is already underway. New phenomena occur. The scientists are always new puzzles. It’s great what they have explored in all eras. But now it’s something completely new. Science researched so far in the old energy. As long as she still does, it remains limited. No matter how she then declare their results, it is may be not the whole truth.

If you want to enter new energy into your life, you have only one option: always allow to allow. It happens only with this open unvoreingenommenden attitude. It is a process that takes time and experience. Watch this. Will feel! Changes in you, in your body, will show you the links. No matter how, when, where and what produces the new energy every time it will develop new and present themselves differently. New energy can not repeat the things. Repeat can only old energy. Repetition and expansion at the same time exclude themselves. You can only invite the new and occur in your life. If it is then but there you should not run away, but react and do something with them. This is like a new invitation for further expansion. Decisions are not taken you off. At some point, we will write a book about experiences with the new energy.