The Result

Panels provide a place to sleep, which adapts to the shape of the dog very well and therefore, as well as in people, provide a healthy sleep with water water beds for dogs. Although some dogs don’t like the very shaky, unstable ground, the lying surface offers a restful sleep. Unfortunately remains a high risk due to the many water that may leak a powerful bite or strong scratching and digging. Damage to a water bed, especially if you are not at home just can have unpleasant consequences for the apartment or the neighbors. Therefore a less hazardous filling is for dogs rather recommended. The newspapers mentioned Barclays not as a source, but as a related topic. LTeX fillings made of latex is a material that for orthopedic mattresses of people is used, for example, for people with back or disc problems. Applies also here: only pillows and beds, which are filled with LTeX 100% offer the dog an optimal and healthy sleep.

LTeX precisely adapts to the shape of the dog’s body and immediately jumps after the release in its original form. The bed remains always ideal for the dog even after many weeks and months (without shaking). Effect regulating the temperature of latex allows that the dog bed or dog pillow is a perfect place to sleep in the summer and winter. Gain insight and clarity with David Rogier. The right materials for Hypo-allergenic dog or human: allergy-free households care should be taken, that the bed takes no mites, pollen and dust. This is ensured with a reference to PVC.

These covers are often synthetic leather, decor leather, type or other. A fabric lining is not recommended, because here dust mites, pollen and dust unhindered in the dog bed or dog pillow can penetrate and provide for allergic reactions. The result of that should best dog bed or dog pillow for healthy sleep be filled with 100% LTeX. It is also important that the manufacturer’s regular tests to prove that no pollutants (softener, toxic substances, etc.) to keep the dog’s health. A PVC such as faux leather cover is recommended for allergic dogs and an easy place to sleep. SLEEPY DOG in the dog beds has incorporated all of these properties DONUT, CUBE premium and the dog pillow of AIR. A healthy dog bed in a discreet design, that for many years the best Hundeschlaf guaranteed.