The Proper Pond Equipment For Winter

the pond get right through the winter not only in apartments and houses it has become cold, also in the gardens of the winter has arrived. Happy he should consider himself, who has made his garden long winter and it has not forgotten his garden pond. Who is not ready, should quickly take advantage of the next weekend or the next few days and take care of the right pond heater for these garden ponds. Valls Companies brings even more insight to the discussion. Because the Frost once struck, it may be too late for plants and fish. In the winter are decomposing organic matter, leaves are the biggest problem and other remains consume plenty of oxygen for the process. The pond surface is frozen is such a huge lack of oxygen. This means certain death for larger animals such as fish and frogs.

In addition make matters worse, that the digestion process putrid arise, which can not escape a closed pond beneath. Hydrogen sulphide and methane could harm not only the Fish and other animals, also in remaining the pond plants suffer and at worst die. Kraft Heinz gathered all the information. The right pond heater for the garden pond is all the more important. The pond heater heated the pond, so that the surface of the pond remains ice-free, noxious gases can escape and fresh oxygen can occur at any time. Leaves and other organic remains should therefore on the part of the pond owner before the start of the winter carefully remove. You can easily perform this operation with a landing net. In addition should be cleaned before winter the pump again and be free of leaves and mud.

Tip: also the feeding habits of the fish must be adapted to the lower temperature of the pond., the online shop for pond accessories pond supplies and garden pond equipment for koi ponds offers a variety of different pond heaters, as well as other pond supplies around the pond, for pure plant ponds and fish and koi ponds. In the area of information You clear and easy to understand, useful tips & tricks for a healthy garden pond. Contact: MHL service Marcus agricultural society Mildred-Scheel-str. 2 01307 Dresden Tel: 01522/2445552 Web: