The Present Contemporaneidade In Microphysics Of The Power Of Michel Foucault

Paul-Michel Foucault was born in the city of Poitiers, located in the center-west of France, in 15 of October of 1926. He studied in the Superior Normal School of Paris where later it diploma in psychology and psychopathology, having known Pierre Bourdieu, Jean-Paul Sartre and Paul Veyne. In 1949 it carries through its graduation in philosophy in the Sorbonne and got doutorado in 1961 with its intitled thesis woollen Histoire Folie the L’ Classique (1961 acts; History of Madness). The works of Michel Foucault are sources of quarrel between diverse researchers, not only for the brilhantismo with which they had been conceived, presenting as study object the social institutions and its correlation with the State, but also in what its intellectual filiation says respect, being described for some critics, as initially estruturalista and later as after-estruturalista. The interest of Foucault for the study of psychic upheavals gains more emphasis after the works developed in the Psychiatric Hospital of Saint-Anne. Its studies turn around the State and of the complexity with which the institutions act in the process of maintenance of the order and validation of the power.

It is in 25 of June of 1984 that Michel Foucault comes to falecer in function of a series of happened complications of health of the AIDS. The hospitals, where the author analyzes practical psychiatric and the methods defective which they had remained based as the arrests and the system of imprisonment and monitoring had become some of its main subjects. The Pan-optic of Bentham, which is subject of the workmanship To watch and To punish: The Birth of the Arrest is taken as example in some debates folds the carceirario and hospital system. On the power and the techniques used for the State in the process ‘ ‘ to discipline of sociedade’ ‘ it appears a meeting of articles, entrevisas and lessons in the Collge de France in elapsing of the years of 1973 up to 1980, that they had given origin to the Micro-physics book of the Power that was organized by Robert Axe (Doctor in Philosophy pupil of Michel Foucault).