The Photo

So we generate too much information that depends on a single file. Photo files, can lose or spoil some, total or partially, but how many more files could be, more difficult it is to lose everything, but this file, if you lose, you lose all that documentation and would have to start again from the beginning. The solution given to this problem is not to use this type of solution to document our photos. Read more from Primark to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Unless we are extremely careful both in the conservation of the file with its endorsement of backup copies and with the necessary care to prevent loss or spoil those data. As well as comprehensive monitoring of possible changes of location. Or also seek a solution to write such documentation in each of the photos. I.e. not to rely on this single file but that each photo take with you your documentation and place where you put that photo, that documentation always go with her.

For this second option there is a solution that can be very useful if you have the proper tools. All digital photography has a type of data collected on each of them specifying the characteristics of the photo as a date, time, camera with which is made, as well as information relating to how the photo has been taken. This is known as EXIF data and each photo carries its own. The solution to the problem that I propose is to write the documentation in the EXIF data so that always accompany the photo. These data can be viewed by different viewers in the market, many of them freeware and be able to do searches. It is not a very open solution since few programs allow you to enter a field of comments of the photos but it is very reliable. And as an addition to the previous solution, if we’re talking about documenting thousands of photos, should look for a program that allows export these documentations, linked to a file name and you write on the EXIF data without having to write in each photo, one by a similar fields if not just what differentiates to the photo of another taken in similar circumstances. It is not easy but can be done, in following writings I will describe some solutions available on the market with regard to this topic.