The Person

And accept the offer should not sit as a matter of course, but with a polite thanks. Improper to refuse an offer of place, if there is no reason for this, but in this case, you must thank the person who offered you his seat. For example: ‘Thank you, I go to the next stop. ” Or such a situation: you are going with the wife or female friend and she gave way. Thank giving way to have both of you – and you and your companion. Do not cause our sympathy for young people and girls who pretend that they do not see an elderly man standing next to, or ‘sound asleep’ or hard read. But we can not approve and those who loudly in the impersonal form to complain about today’s youth, anomie, discourtesy, throwing with the eloquent views on the ‘sleeper’ or reading a young man.

This form of condemnation tactless and usually does not work. On a polite, ‘Young man, give in, please place …’ almost out does not happen. In contrast, a loud condemnation of ‘modern manners’ backfire. When exiting the bus, trolley man, if he is accompanied by a woman or a young woman accompanying an elderly, should help them out – to shake hands (but be careful not to interfere with the output of other passengers). And that in fact it also happens: the man, pushing others, like gallant lady gives her hand, and the rest of it does not matter. Need to offer help and strangers in need. Agree, cut the ear-treatment: ‘Woman, give the ticket’ or ‘man prokompostiruyte pass’, is widely popular in recent years. It tactless form of treatment. But, unfortunately, a sense of frustration and protest, we generally suppress in themselves, and those who are so rude calling to us, continue to do so. Sounds much more polite: ‘Please, give …’ or “Please prokompostiruyte …’, this treatment effectively without resorting sounds better than bazaar ‘man’, ‘woman’.