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Here, the importance that the specialists of the quality management and productivity in their training, training delve into the relevance, reach representing processes management, according to the exigencies of the present. In order to achieve this, emphasis is made on identify themselves with the importance of knowing how to define processes that favor him in favor of satisfying the consumer, knowing properly handled all the resources that are involved. Hear from experts in the field like baby clothes for a more varied view. With regard to the topic says we deem that a workflow process incorporates the Input value transforming them produce something nuevoINPUT: materials, equipment, information, human resources, materials or environmental conditions.OUTPUT: The product or service, created in the development of the process, as delivered to the customer. Here, baby clothes expresses very clear opinions on the subject. In addition to consider the set of tasks logically related to achieve a well-defined result. A collection of activities that take one or more classes of entries and create outputs of value to a customer. A process is an activity or group of activities that develop in a series of sequential stages and who are looking for a particular purpose.Generally be defined a process as a sequence of activities that allows to obtain a final or intermediate result that adds value to the customer on the other hand, tells us are really talking process if it meets the following characteristics or conditions can describe the inputs and outputs the process crosses one or several limits organizational functional. One of the significant features of the processes is that they are capable of vertically and horizontally across the organization.

Talk of goals and purposes rather than actions and means required. A process responds to the question, not to the as. The process has to be easily understood by anyone in the organization. The name assigned to each process must be suggestive of concepts and activities included in it in this opportunity to take into account the contribution which bequeathed us when it provides some steps to be followed in the management of processes namely: management commitment: the direction has to be aware of the need of this systematic process management.