The Microwave

Stove or oven can hardly compare with the microwave to speed preparation. For example, in a microwave oven can cook sausage in a minute. Thanks to the microwave oven would be no need to use a bulky cookware. Then, what dishes can be cooked in the microwave, depending on its configuration. Leading manufacturers offer various models of microwave ovens: Microwave oven grill, microwave oven with cooker, microwave oven toaster, individual and built in microwaves, etc. Oven with steamer is ideal for those who preferred food for a couple, and models with built-in barbecue grill and allow to bake dish to a crispy golden brown. Tips for cooking in the microwave cooking process in a microwave oven has its own peculiarities.

That the food turned out delicious, it is necessary to follow a few simple rules. Remember that large pieces with a strong and rapid heating can be prepared irregularly. To speed up the cooking products, cut them into smaller pieces. All the ingredients are placed in a dish before it will go into the oven. Foods with high fat and sugar are heated more rapidly than usual, and can easily burn. They should be cook gently. Foods containing plenty of fluids, getting ready quickly. To expedite the process of cooking in a dish, you can add a little water.

You should not cook in the microwave too much food at once. Too small amounts (less than 100 grams) to put in the oven is not recommended. If the need arises, along with food in the oven to put a glass of water.