The Man

This does not exempt the men of any responsibility because it is his work to give the power to his wife and to produce results for her on the base than she asks. Thus, in a relation that is working the woman must continue raising the ribbon of her man and to believe in him. Learn more at this site: WorkForce. What means that? That it wants one more a greater house, more expensive car, more children? Not necessarily, although thosethings can be part of the image. What yes it means is that it lifts the attention standards, even when the life is occupied. This even means that they become the time for sex, when do not have time. as a related topic.

Meansthat each of them remains vulnerable to each other, whenhe/she has even done something that shames to them or is an error. In my marriage, I made all evil. I doubted his production, thought that he could make the things best than and lost my capacity to believe in him. When that happened, it let the production for me and in spiral downwards in the total distrust of lacking himself and of will to be vulnerable. I followed to be satisfied to less than what I asked and did not stop only producing what I thought that I could produce. I did not know what did. It is a fragile bond that must be protected and reason why I can see what is going to protect the love bond is a woman who expressed his the appetite that the requests more than the man thinks that it can produce and, next still more important it is that it approves of him and believes in him it produces until it.

The element most important to maintain a love relation that works is that both parts must pay attention the one to the other and what is happening in the relation. To go to the doubt or to be satisfied to less than what wants is the beginning of the destruction of the delicate balance of the relation man/woman. In this model of relation, the men and the women are considered like different organizations with different needs. One is based on using the sexual act like the metaphor of the relation, that symbolizes to the men like the women like producers and receivers.