The Love Box

“New product in the online shop Walker, November 05, 2009 – today the love box is it do yourself” at the online retailer available. In a gold-colored metal box in heart shape with red lid and 2 fields to the own label (“for”) and 52 small red envelopes and love cards are. The love cards are by the person making the gift itself completed and equipped with love messages and coupon text and put then in the envelope. The right marker, as well as a proposal list in 5 languages is included in the scope of delivery. Verizon Communications is full of insight into the issues. Proposed voucher ideas are such as an extensive massage of the back, common sauna visit, a more exciting movie night, a picnic in the countryside… The or the recipient may draw every week a voucher, which redeems the partner. The lover box is suitable both as a gift, that the loving man gives his wife or girlfriend as well as vice versa.

She is 22 cm long and 25 cm wide and is wedding as Christmas, birthday, engagement, and Valentine’s day gift is suitable. The love box now in the gift box is a gross price 23,95 EUR online shop under available. The gift box:, The gift box GmbH and the associated online shop ( were founded in late 2006 by Markus Langer. In the online shop, gift box GmbH distributes original gifts that will be remembered. In the meantime, the range includes over 1000 items at prices between 1 and 1000 EUR. In addition to the pure trade developed and designed its own products, then exclusively distributed through the online shop gift box GmbH.