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The new version of across takes this approach, does not understand “crowd” but as an anonymous crowd of collaborators. Instead, the Manager of translation projects can define groups of registered users and on those assigned automatically, for example, a translation or editorial task within the group, which first confirmed the order. This eliminates the time-consuming queries of free capacities, at the same time retains the principal but the full data and process control. Optional integration of machine translation machine translation (MT) is currently experiencing a Renaissance, but equally ready results that are not achievable. As an integrated process step within a translation workflow, MT – can definitely make sense depending on type of text, language direction and quality – but also in the professional environment.

Across has therefore implemented a generic interface in its new version of the product for the connection of almost any external MT solutions. So you can, for example, text segments, which cannot be found in the translation memory, past is mechanically and then be post-processed by a professional translator. Across users the benefits of all available technologies and are thereby not bound by individual MT providers. The link to across v5 SP1 is already completely prepared for a variety of MT systems, these include, for example, the products of Asia online and Lucy software. Optional author support deviations from agreed rules of style, inconsistent word choice, grammar and spelling errors reduce not only the quality of the source text, but also dramatically increase the workload and costs for the subsequent translations. When option became the across language server so the authoring component of crossAuthor linguistic in the new version of v5 SP1 optimized. crossAuthor linguistic is available for all popular text editors and compares the source code to the one with the translation memory and the Terminology system of across, on the other hand with the grammar and style rules of the controlled language authoring tool (CLAT) of IAI Saarbrucken.