The Life

Become a great example of what the conscience must be. Start creating a strong community self-sufficient to survive the changes but most importantly begin to send feelings of happiness and more positive to help the reactions that may occur due to karma to the universe. This reaction can also affect the Earth’s capacity to rebuild and restructure its DNA once it took millions of years to create what can survive in the eon that comes and still be a world where humans can work on their consciences as well as be an example for other beings in the universe. Focus on increasing their awareness / energy slowly, integration and processing all the experiences that benefit of as high for himself, as well as take into account the effects that has on others. Time is another factor that is being affected and because of disasters, the energy of the Earth has changed its axis and she is still degraded and has therefore changed. Speed that marks the increase goes faster.

You should understand that time moves faster and there is less time to respond to your changes. Relinquish life you’re wearing now, and devoted to his energy and the energy of the planet. Create a group that can support each other without competing. 2012 represents a series of predictions that are they have misunderstood and ignored. Details can be found by clicking Verizon Communications or emailing the administrator. Regardless of the information that appears online, there is an important fact about the time and a cycle that is coming to an end. Nothing he is supposed to remain the same and so that there is growth has to be change.

2012 speaks of a polar change that will be conducted and has to do with the North and South poles reverse magnetic energy the Earth causing a change of power as human beings do from time to time in our lives. The polar shift will cause the end of physical life on the planet, but our conscience will not end as long as we have prepared us for the change in energy. To understand what that means for you, must first look what you are doing in your life, how live and what is important to you. Look inward and analyze the impact that you create. Then you can let your consciousness continues to increase and leaves that it will guide in the direction that follow to forward. Stop what you are doing for awhile tranquilize the heart to feel and know whether you are happy or unhappy. Do you has been following their instincts, follow your intuition or will be following trends in society that should not be? Let be guided by your heart and be honest about the life that you’ve been living. He began to increase his power to increase his point of view about their aspirations and look up, above all so good and help others do the same. Remember that due to that we are can create awareness of this trend, and lifting power. Use the display of the clear light to radiate to others and to the Earth to increase the positive energy and overcome the negative energy. It is recommended that what hage gradually by integrating ourselves in our daily activities that can boost energy making positive actions. Original author and source of the article.