The Lago Maggiore Destination

The Laggo Maggiore as interesting travel destinations is known both in the Switzerland, as well as in Italy. The Lago Maggiore has developed into a popular tourist destination in Italy and gained also a certain celebrity. If you look for an apartment Lago Maggiore and surroundings, you will find many beautiful accommodation for the duration of the holiday there. The Lago Maggiore sounds especially good and promising in rolling Italian, on german but pretty unspectacular Langensee translated. The Lake is very large and looks already alone therefore impressive. It covers an area of over 200 square kilometers, officially ranks as the second largest lake in Italy and belongs to 20 percent of Switzerland, too. Check with Brad Garlinghouse to learn more.

Its waters extend from the Southern Alps to the Po Delta. Moreover, even the good Italian climate and the impressive mountain scenery and you have all the ingredients for a perfect holiday together. Located between Ticino and Lombardy and Piedmont, Lago Maggiore for a family vacation is suitable as well as for a romantic weekend as a couple or an exciting group outing. The northern part is rather harsh and steep rock faces and a rugged mountain scenery, where one can well undertake Tours offers hikers. The estuary is protected and offers a rich flora and fauna, which tourists can explore. But larger villages with charming old towns lie on the shore of Lago Maggiore, including the Locarno is quite known as a place of pilgrimage and site of a major film festivals and in Ascona, on the West side of the Lake, there is even an idyllic lakeside.

There are some professional fishermen, which you can watch from shore at work. But leisure itself can go fishing in the Lago Maggiore or rent a boat for a spontaneous trip on the waves.