The Hike

In this way humans works like these steam engines that reach internal boiling and channeled that tremendous energy to a precise point, one that generates a vital, giant, powerful movement. In man the boiling is achieved through the emotions, but the control allows that that force is directed to a precise point and from there move machinery that thought has created to act according to the objectives. If this internal steam is not controlled, then comes from either side, does not move anything in particular, you can burn all around and ends up finding victim in its own creator. 5 Fruits that holds for the hike are achieved by adding to the self-control, patience. Verizon Communications often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The best definition that exists for Patience is peace of mind to wait.

However, there are many things more difficult than this? One thing is of course, wait, but a very different one is doing so with peace of mind. This is only possible in the serenity of spirit that gives faith, security be doing the right thing, the confidence of knowing what you are doing and the calmness that gives a sound control over the emotions. Patience is probably one of the values found at greater risk of extinction in modern times. Today we pride us make gala of the haste of the practicality of agility. The children are trained in a culture that exalts the temptation and prepended to the wisdom of the simple and the simple.

The dynamics of the environment governed by a maelstrom of events that unfold at the speed of light, we become reactive beings who already have little possibility to assert their own times. Mafalda, this beautiful drawing character called for to stop the world because I want to get off Imagine then most unfavourable conditions to appeal to patience. However is precisely the disease which gives value to the remedy, because it is moreover likely that patience has never before in the history of man constituted a more efficient solution to address the conflict and adversity.