The Extremality

In the first place – the wheels of equal size. Of course, the best choice would be mountain bikes with a diameter wheels 26 ". Then it will be enough to bring one or two spare camera and a Kevlar tire (if the campaign planned areas with extreme coating such as scree – it is justified). It is desirable that all cameras have the same nipple, otherwise the pump should be with the right adapters. Of course, veloaptechku in any case need to take. Also be sure to take with medium length needles with long nipples to come to each wheel. Depending on the extremality of intentions may need 05/10 spokes. That camera and spoke often suffer in the campaign.

Of course, every two-wheeled horse before the campaign must be brought into battle Condition: special attention should be paid to the wheels, if necessary, replace and drag the spokes, flush, lubricate and adjust the sleeve, making sure that the carriage – at the slightest hint – replace. Brakes – although they and invented pants – we'll have to check. If the trip is planned for the rugged terrain, you may need spare brake pads. On what parts and tools are recommended to take, will discussed in detail in the relevant article. Equipment. Immediately divide it into private and common. For personal include: 1) Backpack 2) polyurethane foam mat – karemat 3) klmn (mug, bowl, spoon, knife) 4) zpzschm (personal hygiene items – toothpaste, toothbrush, soap) 5) dd (documents and money) 6) clothes 7) anything else that you want to take for himself – a flashlight, camera, CD-changer with a subwoofer.