The Dream Of The Massive House

With passive houses energy costs savings and more and more home builders protect the environment at the present time of the well-known environmental problems superior himself, to realize your dream of homeownership in the form of a passive house. Be surprised should anyone actually this line of thought, because this building has to present some advantages over its competitors. A massive House has a very high quality compared to a solid House before assign not only in his or her insides. It can be promoted State-at the request by various grants from different communities, the Federal Government or other institutions. This fact has good reason: every single living room in this House is primarily with sun shining through extra strong glazing and the body heat of people who reside in the House also heated up throughout the day.

In midsummer you can to help just by light blinds, that the rooms do not overheat. Large and wide balconies, which donate shade and comfort even in the summer, could a more Represent the solution against overheating. But it is individually himself left the home builders. Alone these measures, it consumes less energy than in a so-called Massivhaus up to 80%. The massive House is not only environmentally friendly, it is also a plus for all allergy sufferers, because even when the window is closed, the residents inhales oxygen rich air! More intense and reliable for this House permanently and intensively to use solar energy, it is based on building the South. The passive house has other than a massive House and train-free ventilation system, which serves its work of heat recovery. In contrast to a massive House, the passive house has a very low heating requirement. The consumption in this respect under 17 kilowatt hours is within one year.

A heat exchanger will additionally make his work. If you opt for a passive house instead of a massive House, will be out so quickly the construction costs. Who are not using grants manage the State can wants, can be operated on a soft loan an obliging Bank. Germany wide support this kind of loans banks and give usually a commitment. Now, you can count more than 10,000 housing units, the number of which is growing steadily. When the building of a House, you should always ensure that begins with good planning. A small family, for example, comes with good advice on a price about 1686EUR/m2. This price includes but not the service charges and extras yet! If you would like to plan his house, you should choose an architect with experience, because who wants to be to the “test customer” for his first House, which then also still as you know will be the most expensive? by Terence Muller