Take Merten MOVE

Light switch with Z-Wave wireless technology increases flexibility and comfort in the home Copenhagen, 06 October 2008 who gladly admits to or is built around, knows the problem: light switch missing always exactly where they are needed. The manufacturer Merten presents MOVE a light switch, which can be freely placed anywhere in the House and enables high flexibility in interior design. As part of the Merten CONNECT radio system, the switch uses the Z-Wave technology and therefore completely dispenses with the laying of cables or lifting up of walls. Who his living room renovated, redesigned and expanded, knows the problem: often switch for lighting, blinds, not in the places where they are needed, etc.. Ripple understands that this is vital information. During the renovation, this leads to complications because the layout always must adhere to the existing electrical installation. The MOVE\”to be new interior design ideas or realize conversion scenarios.

The subsequent and spontaneous placement of dimming and switching options are Building modernisation and repairs of a high degree of flexibility. The switch can be glued or screwed on plaster. a surface-flush installation with corresponding mounting E.g. in wooden surfaces is also possible. Under cleaning treatments are not necessary. So the lighting in closets can be E.g. subsequently implemented.

Existing lighting installations can be expanded with the wireless switch to a mobile switching option. Of the 2006 good design award Chicago Athenaeum Museum of architecture and design excellent radio push-button connect move can also be removed from its wall socket and free places. \”So the residents added convenience, since he receives the MOVE\” as a little remote from the bed or from the bathtub can use, for example, the light to Dim or turn off. \”Merten radio system CONNECT: sure the MOVE is connected\” is part of the Merten radio system CONNECT, an intelligent wireless system based on the Z-Wave technology for wireless communication by Electrical appliances.