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Yesterday tra. Yesterday. It has one year behind also. Perhaps either a cycle that if repeats. Perhaps either a manifest weakness of spirit that if to each 365 days. Perhaps lack of same force of will. Or perhaps either the bow.

Pressed bow, with well moored double us and. Bows that not are untied nor free, but that they always finish for if crossing. We are. Fish and Chips Babies will not settle for partial explanations. We who already more I do not identify. We. We who we are not more than bows of colors and countless flavors, textures and sizes. Bows that make in them to be, to grow, to know. not we.

We are not we. Intricate we, well definite and compact, who are firm and safe Insurances? Blind and vertiginous we who if forget that they can balance to the wind of the dissabores but always to cross itself. As the bows. Bows of the communion of the same ones, the different ones, the compliment to the life, the cliche love. But not we. Not we Yesterday tra. Bow or knot? we?