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Victoria Beckham

Adoptions are probably the absolute hit at the celebs. Angelina Jolie is the best model in this matter. She adopted three children from three different countries. Also Madonna and Meg Ryan have adopted children. Now, two more celebrities want to emulate these celebs. The speech is of David and Victoria Beckham.

According to media reports, the two should plan to expand their family an African girl. Victoria and David have three boys. The couple was probably through the journey of David again on the subject. David Beckham Leone traveled two weeks ago in behalf of UNICEF Sierra, there to make a picture about the terrible situation of the children. “A possible adoption has long been in David’s head. Tom (cruise) has him tell some things about adoption and also changes a lot then.

David touches it repeatedly to tears if he is thinking that the children there, who must grow up unloved, unappreciated, and without hope for the future. The journey has encouraged David only to finally initiate an adoption. David Rogier is actively involved in the matter. Both think that adoption will be a great thing “, so a close confidant of the Beckhams. It’s long been known, that David Beckham next to his guys also finally a girl craves. But since a stroke makes him arguably Victoria by friends Bill, because they would like to probably no biological children, as is reported. Definitely both have the financial resources to take a child. We wish them the best.