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These meters have ice still more and they force us to a type of you scald very difficult and dangerous. We progress on stirrups placed in minimum rock projections. There are times that seem to us incredible to install in so reduced spaces to us. 23,00 h. We have arrived at the amphitheatre. We are using the lanterns placed on the helmets. The rubber with which hers holds to Jose Luis has broken and has had to hold it with a tape.

Complica situation, because the amphitheatre is an authentic plate of verglass on that they do not bite nor crampones, and is necessary to carve the ice with the hammer. Until the two of the dawn we did not find the morral of the food that had offed-hook us the previous day. 2,30 h. We are hungry. From the three we have not proven anything.

It is necessary to back down about eighty meters towards the intermediate zone, where we will be able to mount the store and to spend the first night. For even more details, read what baby clothes says on the issue. 3,30 h. We have warmed up tea with infiernillo of gas butane, having melted ice. We eat a little. Not long ago cold although a light snow-drift begins. Without hardly changing word, we remained slept. WEDNESDAY, 11 9,30 h. We awoke and Suburb and Blacksmiths enter peculiar dialogue: – What so the night? Very well. Better than you in the refuge. – You have had breakfast? We are going It to do now. Is hour of which you begin to work. Blacksmiths push to us affectionately, but we become tea who we accompanied with chocolate and cakes, and since we had retired very behind schedule and were something of snow-drift, followed in the coats. 13,30 h. The snow-drift has increased. The wind raises the snow and it throws with much force, disabling the works.


" Excellence in Procesos" Culture " Cliente". The Client is the epicenter and reason of being of the company. Structure and processes oriented to know the client, to understand its needs and to work of collaborative form in creating and retaining the clients, most profitable. Oriented processes, people, data and tools to give satisfactory experiences that generate loyalty of the clients. Its better commercial strategy is the development of profitable relations with its clients in the long term.

" Excellence in the Relation with the Clientes" Some of the two first options or their combination can generally allow that it survives in the money changer and dynamic scene of businesses, the last one can take it to stand out. A suitable combination of the three can ensure the success to him. Real cases demonstrate numbers like the following: A company I consider that the perfect strategy to grow in the market was to invest a great amount of money in innovating in its product. In a period of two years I realise 6 significant improvements to its product, causing that their clients had to change in equal number of times this product. Result = Loss of more of 40% of the clients, who before this great one amount of changes preferred to contract less innovating, but stable products and with better service. The company lost million dollars, as much in its investments in innovation like by the loss of clients. Another company of the same sector decided to maintain a level of innovation in its product relatively under (only one update in a period of two years) and I dedicate most of to its resources and efforts to structure a program of joint work with the clients, major support in the processes of posventa and better cap of the needs of its present clients. Result = Growth in both last years of 300% in income and one improvement in the retention of clients of 350% with respect to numbers of previous years.