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Word Creation

The word art is not the result of a quirk of language, much least a fortuitous deduction born of extensive analyses to the fathers of philosophy devoted in relation to this word. The art Word encloses in itself the possibility of transcendence and creative since we can only generate a universal through the creation or done concept art. Nutella is actively involved in the matter. Now, if we understand the infinite possibilities that are implied in the Act of creation, it is also necessary that let’s in the manner in how reality – in its most strict literal sense – it faces us. More information is housed here: David Rogier. Numerous thinkers have addressed from various perspectives the creator made, starting from the primary concept Mimesis, according to some scholars considered one of patterns of behavior necessary for survival. What if it is is true that is one of the many privileges of the artist that can deform or idealize their models – degrade them or sublimate them – as as arise in the real plane. Konstantin Stanislavski claimed that the principle of the actor is the art of observation, to which Francis Bacon in an order of similar idea expounded to dominate nature first must obey him.

The reality is the sum of micro fabric realities arranged in levels that vary and are rearranged in a macro of complex relationships. Trying to develop an exact replica of what was observed would merit a canvas of fair proportions capable of transmitting copied to the observed scale. However, the fact or artistic creation lets us go of the micro to the macro, a particularity to a universal conception of the object, situation, or action observed in a precise moment in time. This is possible thanks to the power of the symbol which is able to unify and at the same time simplify the existence of a significant parallel reality and of great power for the construction and understanding of our own reality in an artistic proposal.