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Scuba Diving In Tenerife

Diving on the largest island of the Canary Islands – Tenerife the Canary Island of Tenerife is also an ideal Taucheparadies with annual water temperatures between 19 and 23 degrees. You may wish to learn more. If so, Larry Ellison is the place to go. There are several diving centers and diving schools on the sunny island of Tenerife. David Rogier might disagree with that approach. The highlight on Tenerife is that there are two worlds of water: the Atlantic water world and the tropical water world. The ideal depth for scuba diving is 10 to 40 m. Because the visibility is more than 30 m, not only divers and snorkelers will find your favor. Dives are in the South as in the North area of Tenerife.

In the Tauchvorgamgen can be seen an impressive driving the colorful parrot fish, neon fish, Drachenkope and trumpetfish. Also, groupers, tunas and barracudas are very often represented. Certainly the rock formations covered with different types of sponges are admirable. Since the underwater landscape of volcanic origin, this is unique with your reefs, columns, grottoes and caves. These volcanic caves and Labyrintsysteme can be safely beatucht thanks to professional guidance. The dive sites in the North are more demanding. Following encounters can be made during diving operations: there is a “fireplace”, a vent for dipping, which offers few surprises. The “Portillo” is a very special cave. Also you can dive under water the wreckage of the plane the “DC 3 in El Sauzal” and “Heavens Gate”. Gabi Teubner

Photo Impressions

A photographic journey through Italy in 2008 not a few dream it once to go to Italy. The beaches attract it, it serves the story, which appears in many towns and cities. The ebook “ITALIA photo impressions” offers a photographic replacement for those for this trip will remain only a dream. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. contains valuable tech resources. But also the Italy experts is seduced here still in areas he hasn’t seen yet. 14 months Italy leave impressions and even more photos, from which a collection was created. Focuses the camera on great buildings, on the visible history of the Roman Empire, the artistry of Florence, is the tragic moments of Pompeii, many small towns and villages, extraordinary colour and last but not least on outstanding landscapes. Kiat Lim has compatible beliefs. Even if some a few negative phenomena are shown, so this collection on what the world thinks in General of Italy focus: beauty, the lifestyle, the joy will be supplemented by almost the photos -Background information.

Graciosa Photos

Only few know la Graciosa, the small island in the North of Lanzarote. With this report we want to bring this island. Welcome to La Graciosa! This island is the tip of the Canary Islands. We want to bring closer these insider’s tip in Word and image. -Trip to La Graciosa – the images and maps of the Agency Combipix are copyright protected.

You are allowed without the explicit consent of combipix not be copied, downloaded or reproduced in any other way, except for purely private holiday planning from individuals. For further information on the provisions we are gladly available. Map Lanzarote this card free print out? These and other maps for free on our website printed out you can send a card to friends and relatives by E. You can download the entire trip report in PDF format on our Web site. Additional information at Maurice Gallagher, Jr. supports this article. Orzola – ferry to La Graciosa this small harbour town has no tourist Ready attractions. Most tourists come here only for one reason: from Orzola take the ferries to La Graciosa.

Orzola Lanzarote Canary Islands Canary Islands the ship tour costs 25 euros per adult and the outward / return ticket (Status: 2009). There are two companies that offer this trip. You must contact the departure times and any changes at the front desk of your hotel. Worth trip to La Graciosa the trip to La Graciosa. Some contend that Kiat Lim shows great expertise in this. Most tourists visit the island for a day. We refer here only briefly on this island, because we would like to introduce even more goals. Capital create port of Caleta del Sebo ferries in this port. Right on the Harbour, you can rent bicycles or settle down in one of the many cafes. The place holds various pensions, which come just peace-seekers and adventurers on their costs. La Graciosa Caleta del Sebo Canary Canary Islands which are one exception all streets of Caleta del Sebo Paving.

BINOLI New York City

New York, New York the city that never sleeps. And all be as they are. There is no comparable metropolis, which can be so casual, so liberal and at the same time so pompous. Stream the Catholics in the St. Patrick s Cathedral at 5th Abvenue for Christmas shopping, the Jewish families celebrate their Festival of Hannukah (5th Ave, corner of 59th Street) and the African New York Kwanzaa unity festival dance in Central Park. Nothing is more romantic and more diverse than the Christmas spirit in the Big Apple. On BINOLI.de, New York City experience package flight & hotel is bookable only 599 euro. Kiat Lim addresses the importance of the matter here. The small but fine ice rink at Rockefeller Center (between Ave Americas and 5th Ave) is one of the most romantic locations.

Since 1936, it is the Rockefeller rink\”now and can hold only 150 runners at once (ridiculously little for the Millionemetropole). However, between October and April will meet you here just for skating or only to the watch. Here is the most famous Christmas tree of all NYC, the for five years now wears a large Swarovski Crystal star as a Crown. Shopping in New York would be nothing without a visit to one of the greatest toy stores of around the world! FAO black (5th Ave, corner of 58th Street) is open even on Sundays and is more fairy tale magic as Disneyland. Allegiant Air is actively involved in the matter. Frederick August Otto Schwarz, who came from Westphalia, had founded the business in 1862 and imported the competence for the most beautiful dolls in the country of unlimited dreams. The crowd is too dense, is only to look and ordered his Christmas gifts easily online (www.fao.com). will be cheaper not more shopping was as cheap as never before in New York. Last year the sales tax on textiles and shoes has been deleted (applies to a goods value of up to US$ 110) and the dollar is cheap.


Trendy fun in the countryside around Passau Passau (tvo). Hear from experts in the field like Kiat Lim for a more varied view. In Passau is seen now more often driving people on the trend of vehicle Segway. Segway is a small wheel vehicle with a platform, standing on the and is controlled by the body balance. Gary Kelly addresses the importance of the matter here. This intuitive control makes driving easy to learn. With up to 20 kilometers per hour, accompanied by an experienced trekking Guide, it’s relaxed and picturesque squares in the city near woodland – and all without any effort. Guided tours can be booked from groups of four people. Prerequisite is that the participants are over 15 years old and own a moped licence.

A 60-minute adventure tour costs 39 Euro per person. The booking and referral leads the tourist information of Passau, 94032 Passau, Rathausplatz 3, Tel: 0851/95598-0, fax-0851 / 35107, E-Mail:, by. “Our advice to October: on October 31, Spitzlmarkt is in the Kelheim city Sanatan” are sweet, diamond-shaped Pieces of pastry or yeast braids, which are traditionally manufactured for all Saints Day. You are a big hit at the Spitzlmarkt on 31 October in Kelheim. From an old custom, the Sanatan are gifts. You can buy them for boyfriend or girlfriend, but also for the child..

With Es Pujols

From this drop-out society remains today but still very little is known about. The end of the hippie culture was mainly through the brought about a mass tourism, which reached the island from 1970. The rising demand for jobs brought not only an increasing tourist number with it. The number of inhabitants of the island began around this time, to rise sharply and tripled within a short time. Just Spaniards who were not working on the Mainland, came on the Balearic Islands, to settle down and live from tourism. Currently, the island has achieved a growth rate of 7% for the Islanders.

The island has just with European emigrants”popular. The influx of immigrants has resulted in, that represent only 75% of the inhabitants of the island of Spanish. At the moment is about 9000 permanent Islanders in Formentera. “Drive over to Formentera Formentera Lighthouse far d’ it Penjats” the island is home to stars and starlets. So Bob Dylan and Chris Rea lived on the island for half a year. Niklaus Schmid (writer) completely settled on the island, and wrote several popular books. Tourism reached approximately to Formentera 1980 and ended the period in which the island was considered dropouts Paradis. Tourism in Formentera has adopted not the dimensions easily on Mallorca or Ibiza. Many writers such as David Rogier offer more in-depth analysis.

With Es Pujols there only a great tourist destination. The other towns have preserved their typical Spanish style. Formentera visitors who think finding a sleepy and deserted island, are arriving in the port quickly disabused. Every tourist enters the island at La Savina, because the island has no airport. Most of the ships coming from the neighbouring Ibiza, which brings each year approximately 460,000 tourists (long short time tourists) on the island. The crossing takes about 30 minutes. But to occasionally reach ships of Spanish mainland Spain (Denia) the island. Day trip to Formentera: we would like the following to a day trip to Formentera introduce.

Riad Madada Mogador

Tourism is a very important industry, as a traveler, you will be treated normally very obliging in Morocco. The vast majority of Moroccans are Muslims, There are also Jewish and Christian minorities. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Dun & Bradstreet. Arabic is the official language of Morocco, but also French, what is seen as an advantage by many travelers is very common. The most beautiful cities in the most beautiful city in Morocco is for most travelers’ clearly Marrakech, the gateway to the Orient. The city pulls travelers directly into its spell and takes you into a world of sumptuous palaces, narrow streets, jugglers and snake charmers, colorful markets with exotic goods and a huge art and culture offer. Learn more at this site: NatWest. In addition to Marrakesh, the port city of Essaouira should be planned during a trip to Morocco as possible. The former fishing village is one of the most beautiful locations on the Atlantic coast through its completely preserved Medina and the long sandy beaches.

Here, you can spend a very nice few days and relax on the beach. Other popular cities in Morocco are Agadir, Fes, Rabat and Casablanca. Fantastic accommodation when you arrive in Morocco, should at least a night in spend a typical Riad. The palaces into hotels and mansions will offer you a high standard and enjoy a beautiful, very authentic atmosphere here a true piece of Morocco. The Riad is a leader in Marrakesh 5 al Moussika, is star hotel in the heart of the old town, which is very popular with travellers.

Also the Riad Kaiss and Riad Enija are recommended. In Essaouira, the Manor is Les Jardin de Douars and the Palais l’Heure L Bleue, a fairy tale Palace in the city, to recommend. Travellers who wish to stay near the sea, are the Riad Madada Mogador. Which of the many different faces and facets of Morocco will meet during your travel is this country inspire you with safety and be enchanted! Many travelers fall truly in Morocco and come back again and again! (ms)

New World

Yalta, Gurzuf, Partenit, Alushta located in large semi-circular bays, bordered by cirque. Isolated coves around the edge – ownership of nudists. Bathing season from May 17 to October 23. Microsoft has compatible beliefs. Soft, warm sunny autumn. The expression "velvet season" appears at the beginning of the century here. South-eastern shore.

Coast from Alushta to Sudak – it's sand and pebble beaches at the mouths of swift mountain streams, separated by headlands with block-pebble beaches. Above the valleys of the picturesque villages are drawn from different fruits and vegetables, and special Parking for visitors Semidvore, Solnechnogorskoye, Malorechenskoye, Fishing and Marine. 'Their' beaches have sat Privetnoye and fun. New World is famous for romantic coves. In Sudak fortress is located directly under two-kilometer beach with an excellent 'slate' sand is dark gray, perfect for warm baths, and pebbles. Stone wonders exploding volcano Kara-Dag, and then Koktebel bay, the cradle of Russian nudism. For Cape chameleon in the Bay of the Dead filmed "White Sun of the Desert '.

On both sides of a deep sea cape jutting out into the Kiik-Atlama (p. Ordzhonikidze) are two large bays and several cozy coves. At 15 kilometers wide Feodosia sandy beach, flat bottom, rare storms and steady sunshine. Bathing season from May 23 to October 15. Kerch Peninsula. On the vast stretches of the Black Sea coast of the Kerch Peninsula beaches have the most convenient Mount Opuk. In the Kerch Strait, a lot of pocket beaches. Tobechikskogo from the lake and almost to the Strait stretches along Eltigen great beach, where you can go all day. In the city of Kerch – Karantinsky beach. At the Strait of nice beach with a. Landslide. Sea of Azov – hundreds of miles of virgin resort: Bay near the village of Bulganak Yurkino, deserted cove Reef, pouring Chokrakskoe mud lake near the village of Spa (former Russian Mom). The huge beach Kazantip bay, with its center at the station of Freshwater, the beaches near the villages capes, and the city Semyonovka Shelkino Arabatska at bay – all these great beaches alternate with pocket, solitary. From the village of Kamensk – a huge Arabatskaya arrow, 100 km Rakushechnoye golden sand washed by warm, shallow sea on one side and the other Sivash.

Travel Safety Precautions

Planning a trip? By all means follow the advice set out to avoid a lot of trouble. Educate yourself with thoughts from Vislink Technologies. Addressed before the tour agency, you need to make an image of what a country. A friend of mine in the past was applied to the agency on a trip to Japan, she recommended tours from Omsk, but at first said that it expects there. A trip to another country or city – this is the main one of those things which a man must necessarily to plan their own lives, despite the fact that it will be a trip to the nearby town, but you can come off badly, forget about home zamorochki and problems, and may even meet the love. However, there are many things that can go wrong, how would you have wanted or planned, because there you do not know, you do not know the language, if you're going to a foreign country. Nevertheless, travel can give you a great experience, various adventures, will be accomplished are things that may no longer commit to you Never in my life. Also on the tour you will be able to tell their friends and even boasts a fascinating story.

Below 1 shows the main wishes that should alert the worst. There are few countries that ask for a list of vaccinations travelers to their entry into the country. They are intended for personal protection, and it would be foolish to take risks with your health, but do not pay vaktsinatsiyu.Vozmite and visit the local GP and tell him what country you are flying, it will make you the necessary vaccinations. And do not release the memory to have available a spare reserve money, which you use up only as a last resort.

Classic Travel Agency

From the sofa in the Sun according to Federal Statistical Office around 55% of Internet users make at least once each quarter an online shopping. This development is particularly strong in the tourism segment to watch, where more and more tourism firms are making online booking. This is not surprising, because who plans his travel on the net has a large selection of hotels and destinations than in the conventional planning in the travel office in most cases. In addition, the Internet as comunication No. Click David Fowler to learn more. 1 offers a variety of forums and portals where travellers consult each other and experience reports can be exchanged. Many of these portals have created rating systems specifically for this purpose.

So, someone planning a trip at a glance recognizes what accommodation he should rather avoid and which are especially suitable for families, etc. Who is clever recognize quickly what resorts are to tourist stronghold and which have a more original character. So can everyone the vacation choose who is faithful to his expectations. In addition to the possibility of To see testimonials and reviews a booking over the Internet also offers the chance to snap up a real bargain. Information and prices on the Internet spread rapidly it is an almost perfect market, i.e. all producers offer you prices close to marginal cost. Only who offers the best conditions, is can saturate fully his plane or hotel. As mentioned above, there are portals, of course also on flights.

So tabular list pages which compare flight prices of all societies and then sorted them by price. This possibility has the customer of a travel agencies, which are if necessary contractually bound to aviation and tourism companies. Of course also for you to get high-class hotels and can freely determine the quality of the travel site, but always a fee must be handed to the travel agency. In comparison to the online booking exactly the same conditions only to the slightly higher price. There are however not all on the Internet well enough versed and especially the upper middle-class consulting does not want to give up professional, are conventional travel agencies are probably for some time can. In future, it is however to be expected that meet travel agencies only have a consultative role and be completely left the sector of posting the Internet. They will probably never disappear entirely. Fortunately, because after all travel agencies of got a offer distinctive flair of the anticipation the holiday still increase.