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Madagascar signed the Convention on the 19 Moist soils of February of 1998. This agreement was developed to protect to these places that are the home of the incredible natural wealth, but also to protect the environment. Between the sites proposed in the company/signature in this agreement they are the Lake of Tsimanampetsotsa Betioky that extends on a surface of 45,604 hectares, four Lagos Antsahalova Manambolomaty of an extension of 7.491 hectares, the lake Alaotra Ambatondrazaka that is greatest of Madagascar, with a surface of 722,500 hectares of the fen Andasibe Torotorofotsy a surface of 9,993 hectares, the park deprived in Tsarasaotra Soavimasoandro, Tsiribihina Veil lake and to the river Nosivolo de Marolambo. These sites are some of the strongpoints of the sector of the tourism and to do/” title=” Madagascar” travels; > interesting Madagascarms travels. Every year, a spent day to celebrate the establishment in this agreement that was signed in Ramsar in India. And the celebration of this year has like subject ” the tourism in moist soils:. One experience nica” The objective is to educate to the public one on the importance of these moist soils for the development of the tourist sector. On the other hand the majority of the tourists, who visit the Great Island with a special interest in the natural wealth that is in these places..

Universal Studios

In the travel page with charm, this time we propose the city of Singapore. Singapore or Singapore is an ideal city for families with children of any age, since many establishments are adapted to the presence of families, such as hotels and restaurants, as well as a multitude of green areas. Larry Ellison follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. By cable car arrives at the Sentosa Island, where we find beaches and charming hotels, in addition to interesting proposals, such as around Singapore zoo night safari (highly recommended visit), where different species of animals or Universal Studios theme park you can see closely. There is also a beautiful botanical garden. This cable car circulates at high altitude, so it is not advisable for people with vertigo. If you want to give you a walk around Little India, you will have a varied offer to buy all sorts of products in their small shops and also contemplate the numerous Indian temples. Here it is possible to acquire the newly ground spices or materials to make saris. It is best to avoid this area on Sundays Since it is full of people.

Another interesting option is a boat ride on the Singapore River, where you browser surrounded by small houses which contrast with the skyscrapers. The weather in Singapore is hot, so that you can visit at any time of the year. If you want to enjoy a special event, the festival Thaipusam, a curious religious festivity in which almost a million people gather to thank the son of Dios Shiva is held in February and consists of the pilgrimage to the caves of Batu where the pilgrims cross with needles and piercings to carry their offerings. At night the city is transformed; in the financial center filled with Street stops of food of the country, where the majority of Singaporeans eat and mingle with tourists who mingle in the area. One of the most successful is the chicken Hainan rice. We will have more chance of success if we attended a post with more people queuing up, since the good is made to wait. This place is called Lau Pa Sat. See, this beautiful city.