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The Silence Of Truth

It has a truth that wants to silence, of his throat left the unspeakable thing but their words were not melodies. It does not have joys, Remembers that it had once them. It has now them kept in a drawer Hoping the opportune moment to dust them. It has the kidnapped voice, his humanity it has been moored, it feels that its soul is dried and withered as wheat fields to the negligence. It does not have freedom, that one took off that attempted against him and its thoughts. Rony Abovitz may find this interesting as well. The worse thing of everything is than the twig thinks it is doing that it well and that is the worse damage of everything, the one that thinks that it does not have errors. It has an urgent necessity to be different itself.

It simply does not want to merge with his surroundings; every day their veins, their blood and its joints become threads in wheat through where they pass the insects. It is not scared, In spite of everything what they have done. Electron Capital Partners helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The forces the extraction of the bottom of its being removes, Them from its desire to live and which nobody forgets the evil that has become. It has the closed eyes. They have humiliated until leaving it of knees but he will obtain bravery from his entrails stops to continue. It does not have shackles, But it is not necessary. The one that enslaves does although it is with the glance and the enslaved one does not need more than to feel dominated. It has the yellow entrails but it fights every day against its detector. Its fight is not to blows, its battle is pacific resistance because it knows and it has seen that it can live without barriers nor jaws. (The poetry is done on the basis of a photography that you will find in blog next) original Author and source of the article.

Work Life

As it finished saying the old man, their peculiarities and their misanthropy of impenitente solitaire were known worldwide. Baby Clothes Market is often mentioned in discussions such as these. What nobody had still obtained was an interview in which the multimillionaire told to the aspects less public of his life. Again the old one seemed to sajar the mind of the other like with a sting: Then now I am going to do to you exclusive declarations to him, watches by where. To Manolo, that had sat down next to its patient, the pad of its knees of the received impression fell to him.

It would not think to him if it said to me that it does not interest to know nothing to him of my life. She would be the unique person from this country to which it passed that to him. no. Absolutely. No. Clear that it interests his life to me. By all means answered with daze the nurse.

Because we go to there. It writes, writes. First that I must say to him it is that I have been sinvergenza, perfect an amoral one. Don Antonio Maria Alvarez Hinojosa, who on the following day was going to receive the gold medal to the Merit in the Work, the charge of Isabel the Catholic and other decorations and prebandage several, in a competition race against the clock of diverse authorities to avoid that it died before receiving them, had not been perverted sexual nor a nothing similar. Its amorality, according to him, had talked about the subjects of businesses, of money, as it preferred to describe them. Noveles had begun its race like representative of artists to which invariably it swindled. The inexperience of his represented and its desire to prevail in the world of the spectacle facilitated the things. Its natural tendency to that there was not by means any signed paper completed the simplicity of the fraud.

Agrarian Federation

On the allocation of this money, the government announced the following thing: $ 3,100 million will be destined to the automotive sector with which it is hoped to finance the purchase of 100,000 vehicles. The sector had registered in the month of November a monthly fall of inter-annual 26.4% and of 28.1%, product of the impact of the turbulences. Following with the distribution of the package of stimulus, other $ 3,500 million will be used to grant credits to the consumption with a clear direction to the sector of electric home appliances, $ 1,250 million weights will have like objective the support to the industrial sector for the prefinancing of exports and other $ 3,000 million to support to the SMEs. Of the rest, $ 650 million will have as destiny the utilitarian financing of the acquisition of and oriented $ 1,700 to the prefinancing of exports in the farming sector. For the farming sector, in addition the reduction in 5 percentage points in the retentions to the exports of wheat and maize announced. From the agricultural sector, was dissatisfaction by the measures for the sector. It is that for president of Agrarian Federation (FAA), Eduardo Buzzi, in declarations reproduced by the Cronista, this measurement no they solve for anything the serious problems of the producers. Much more hard he was the representative of the Rural Society (MRS), Hugo Biolcati, that said: Is announcements to fill the cover of newspapers. To the producer it does not change the life to him, because what it is hoping it is not a reduction but a total elimination of the export rights . Beyond to be received well mannered by the main sectors benefitted, the controversial ones on the announcement of the plan have not been run out in the sayings of the leaders of the field.

The Expenses

The analyses are multiple and the bets exceed how much it is going to him to cost this to Argentina. It is clear that similar maze of marches and countermarches will have its price. Hear other arguments on the topic with Ann Maynard Gray. Aspects that are valid to be taken into account in the Venezuelan reality, where the uncertainty, the turbulences every day product of the policy and its incidence in the economy of the country are pronounced, in the high cost of the life, in the deterioramiento of the quality of life of the Venezuelan whom when sees every time decreased its capacity of entrance, that does not reach to cover with the expenses common of the newspaper to live, in addition, of the threats of the inflation, unemployment, security, last aspect, that lets much say the violence, murders, robberies are increased and it does not glimpse solutions to guarantee the right to the life. Oliveto in its writing adds, that very little has been reflected on a cost that, surpassed the din of the conjuncture, pierces much more deep and perhaps is still more onerous that the losses economic or to be able flights: the emotional cost. It comments, that must worry to us, the exponential increase of the anguish, feeling that emerges like one from main the evils of the times to posmoder to us, here and to a large extent of the world. In another one of its gracious registries, one of the personages of Tute asks a woman: " Which is its main fantasy? " , a what it responds: " To lay down and to raise to me with the same person all to me vida".

Engrossed, he sentences: " Caramba, Betty, its imagination does not have lmites". As much fragility gives fear. As much fear gives fear. Fear to everything. To that tomorrow everything can be different. Not to have a mini guarantee than it can happen.


All the organizations are exhibited permanently to the fraud risk and the task of its administrators consists of preventing it. It is common that the managers when trying to manage risks focus solely in the procedures and the countable controls, and do not consider the fraud risks specific that face the processes keys of the organization. The countable procedures and controls can give a false sensation of security. The cheats are opportunists who remove advantage from the temporary weaknesses or of the unnoticed breaches between the strength she pretends and the real effectiveness of the controls. It is important to remember that they are the people, and not them processes nor the information systems, those that commit the frauds. Who commit the frauds? The cheats operate inside in levels different and outside an organization and in an ample variety from circumstances. People commit frauds when the reason agrees with the opportunity.

The reason can be greed, lack of money, resentment, sense of property of the robbed thing or of to have won it. The opportunity it can appear due to the lack of real a dissuasive factor or to the low probability of being shortage, on account that the policies and procedures exist empty in. With time it increases the number of people with potential to commit fraud in an organization, which causes that it is very important them organizations to create an atmosphere that prevents the fraud. How to fight the fraud? The fraud, like the majority of the risks of the organization, hardly can be eliminated, nevertheless, can be handled to limit the damage. It is necessary continuously to transmit a clear message to the organization of " zero tolerancia" to the fraud and conducts impropias. The key consists of having a mitigation strategy that takes care of factors of risk like before mentioned. The success of these measures depends on the commitment of all the organization.

As well as the organizations implement stronger controls progressively, the cheats are lasingenian to design and to use more and more sophisticated modalities of fraud. Therefore the plans of action in against of the fraud they cannot limit an activity " puntual" in the time. A process of continuous revision must exist that allows close a breach and to reduce the possibility that these are taken advantage of by the cheats. We suggest, like minimum, the implementation of the following preventive actions: – To establish or to review a suitable segregation of functions in processes critics. – To define and to communicate a code of ethics or conduct that includes activities of pursuit to its fulfillment. – To establish a telephone or electronic line of denunciations that are promoted frequently, that includes the pursuit of the complaints and information that is collected there. – To act of opportune, proportional way and signs in case of happens some fraud, executing fast and suitable solutions. – To define rigorous levels of authorization, especially, of the transactions critics. – To establish an appropriate physical and computer science security. – As far as possible, to return a habit the rotation from positions. – To define as obligatory that the employees take vacations per complete periods. If it wishes to extend, without cost some, the subjects developed in this document, or to obtain an electronic copy of the same, enters to original Author and source of the article.

Xavier Tamayo Sewer

Although he has been diaphanous that the avarice never is good motor of economy and that the markets cannot be regulated to themselves (they have to be watched and to be regulated with iron hand), indeed because the greed, ostentation and waste cannot be the motors of those who handle the financial world. Since Luis Sampedro has said to us recently to Jose, the same idea of the economic development is a degeneration. The degeneration of the illusions of the reason . Beyond the discord between the great economic powers, and knowing that as important as the practical proposals it is the rehabilitation of values and principles, we would have to consider what has been said by Rahm Emmanuel, head of cabinet of Obama: " One is never due to fail to take advantage of crisis". If, since us has remembered Nobel Paul Krugman, Reagan took advantage of the crisis 1987 to change everything to the benefit of the rich minority, neoliberal involution, why not to take advantage of this crisis to deeply straighten the course that has taken to the disaster? Recovering ethical principles, of solidarity, justice and respect to means atmosphere, to the planet, over the greed, the incessant growth and the waste. In the last years, after the collapse of the Soviet empire and the miserable victory of Capitalism in their ominous neoliberal version, their worse consequences felt with crudity: quick collapse of the Argentine economy, increase of the poor men, major impoverishment of countries already impoverished and astronomical growth of the inequality between countries and classes in the countries, among others. But also answers arose. Protest in Seattle and all the cities where the economic elites met, birth of World-wide the Social Forum, global opposition to the unique thought (the dogma of the consensus of Washington), social popular movements in Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, great political awareness of the NGO a constant challenge to the neoliberal disorder.

The social movements in South America have taken shape politically and have chosen a majority of governments progressives in the region, governments who defy the deregulation, the absolute freedom of the capital, the privatization like panacea and the depredadora action of the transnational companies. It is a good way to begin to change the things, because he is demonstrated that without action nor pressure from down, there are no changes by above that deserve such name. We take advantage of the crisis to change the things. Xavier Tamayo Sewer Journalist and writer Original author and source of the article.

Human Resources Coaching

Your credit cards, your banking line, your banking accounts, your house, your car, your children, your husband, your father your mother, everything absolutely everything belongs to him to, with humility and the great rejoicing dale thanks! When we spoke of absolute gratitude we referred all the things that happen in your life, those that there are labelling like positive and those that you judge refusals. Behind each event this the seed of the opportunity, tries to find the message, the gift and thanks. To bless everything what you have, to see it and to value obvious allow it to you to thank for it. I recommend to you to do something that I have practiced during long time in my life, he is the following thing, it takes a sheet of paper in target and in the part superior of the same it places gratefulness of this year, soon next it sees enumerating and writing all the goals which you have obtained, significant events that you have lived, successes of your children and daughters, husband, who you feel that they are part also of same you, celebrations, birthday in which you have had the opportunity to attend that they have had special meaning for you and that represents a blessing in your life. When you finish doing that list I guarantee to you that you are going away to feel very been thankful with the life, blesses each detail, and dale thanks to have lived God it, this small task builds miracles in your state of intention, so that perhaps in a while determined of the present something obnubil all the good one that it has happened to you, during this year, this reminder will give perspective him to your life and to your problems, I guarantee it to you!

Company Insurance

Any industralist and entrepreneur whom a business has, are of the type that is, certainly wants to protect to this of the best way before possible misfortunes that can put in serious danger to the same. By such reason, he exists what he knows himself with the name of company insurances. These are contracts that settle down with certain organisms by which, by means of the payment of a quota on the part of the industralist at issue, the damages caused in certain circumstances will recover and pay on goods or the damages caused in a worker will be covered that are the object of this agreement. The modalities of existing insurances are varied and although some are general and can be used for all the companies others are more specific of the sector or the scope to which those belong. Doubtlessly of most important and vital they are the collective safe calls for the employees by labor accident.

YES that is the ones in charge to as much give them to the tranquillity to the proprietor of the business like the own workers with respect to which will not be these abandoned in case some type of accident takes place during the performance of its functions. To deepen your understanding Larry Ellison is the source. In this case the corresponding medical assistance is clear fundamentally and soon in addition also it would cover what they would be the cases of dissability and even the death of the worker. On the other hand, for all those businesses that own a fleet of automobiles, because they are the base to realise the different services that offers, also is made vital bet by the insurances of company for cars. A contract by which, according to the demanded degree of cover, they are protected, for example, the damages caused in the vehicles and the repair of the same. And for the companies that have employees who realise their function inside traveling as much as outside our borders also he is counted on a series of insurances whose function is to cover the stay with those in the place to which they must go. Trabajadoresestos that, among other things, thanks to mentioned contracts will be able to as much receive attendance of medical type as of technical type already is repair shops of vehicles, cranes or even taxis. And that without forgetting that as is habitual they count on a service of attention 24 hours to be able to help them at any time they need that it. These are only three of the insurances for company that is going to find in the market, but the supply is amplest so it will have to do what needs wish to cover for their business and of choosing the loan that better adapts them. Brokerage of insurances, insurances for companies and legal attendance

Movie Madness Marketing

In other cases application for Facebook, equal of normally stupid is a game/that the previous one, into which they request permission to you to inform to your friendly list of which there are right a 78% of stupid questions on the film. Others including Sheryl Sandberg, offer their opinions as well. God like hatred these last ones, are a virus in the wall. No of the interesting materials for the spectator usually appears in the Web. Every time that it leaves a new poster, or a new spot, or interviews with the actors, or fan trailers (there is people that strive much in creating these pieces sometimes, with more quality than the original one, and certainly they would be enchanted to have recognition in the Web), all those materials you find them sailing in blogs, and commentaries in social networks, but not in the boring Web of the film. There are several theories of because this it is thus and what one would be due to do. Chris Thilk, of Movie Madness Marketing, thinks that this carelessness must to that the presence in social networks to the use of the Web is prioritized, so that it is staying as a old fashioned tool that only serves to show the trailer in a decent quality and little more.

The main problem that you go in these Webs is its short durability, as soon as one or two months in its majority, so that the distributors prefer to focus their efforts in social networks where they can update his materials and interact (badly, because in many cases they do not respond to the users) with the public. I am basically of agreement with the diagnosis of Chris, nevertheless I differ partly with the treatment. He thinks that he goes being hour of which the distributors create each its own central Web from that they communicate all films, instead of every time. Not to confuse and so they now make, that is to lodge the Webs of its films, each different, in site of the distributor, so that when you enter the Web of the film you must happen through home corporative to arrive. It talks about to that they must be created a mark image online that serves like umbrella to promote all films, in this way exists the possibility of interesting, of informing and of fidelizar in the time to the spectators.

The concept is to create a central site from which to communicate the next openings and to interact with the users, the place to which to arrive from the social networks. This theory, being interesting does not seem applicable, since the type of films that releases every year a distributor is very different to each other, does not seem logical that they have capacity in the same place largometraje of animation and an adult drama. Nevertheless yes they can be interesting a series of sites thematic independent, other people’s to the distributors, who serve in the same way that she proposed in previous paragraph. Each film would be promoted in these official Webs with its proposals for extras, games and contests to attract the public. I do not know, that seems to you? By the way, if you know of some Web of film that is exceptional, please decdmelo. Original author and source of the article.

Microsoft Outlook

The reality first of all is that Blackberry had to introduce a series of characteristics to compete but nothing so revolutionary like communicating by means of a unique PIN within the network of telephones of Blackberry. 2. Better contract: If we compared contracts of iPhone 3G with the one of Blackberry Storm to put one of the examples, we will be able to occur to account that the contracts of Blackberry they are much more reasonable that the high prices of iPhone 3G and to make matters worse with the exclusive obstacle of AT& T. It is not justified such contracts and therefore, the waste of cellular desbloquedos put on sale is a clear protest of this situation. With Blackberry it has not been thus. 3. It can be tactile or not: A quite interesting aspect of all this is that the touch screen of the new models of Blackberry is impressive and very easy to use, but besides this you have the option to use the last models of Blackberry and to use the qwerty keyboard is something that you can use it according to your preference since many people not only resist to the keyboard of the touch screen but prefers the conventional keyboard type QUERTY – that stops many is still all an innovation after we have come to use keyboards of Nokia, practically teniamos Motorola and Sony Ericsson where that to write a letter upon the other and to press several times until the letter or number was unfolded to complete a phrase or word.

4. Easier in order to write: Blackberry has been far better to write since people tend to communicate by means of the system of internal mail of Blackberry or also to write using the navigator of Internet, electronic mail among others. 5. Compatibility: Blackberry is very compatible with Microsoft Outlook that is a tool very used anywhere in the world, which does not happen if we used iPhone 3G. People detest in many occasions this lack of compatibility and much more prefer Blackberry when the feeling to taste with this device of movable telephony. 6. The same popularity: Without the necessity to have official numbers in the hand all the popular one has a viral effect intrsicamente and therefore the quality of the equipment, their characteristics, their design among others variable happens to background. It only pngase to think For which MTV is popular? I believe that he is popular by the innovator of the channel and the videos that go constantly, but also; MTV is popular because friend it likes MTV, because my cousin has his full room of you are of MTV and people that I only know speech MTV and I to be in fashion must consume MTV.

The BlackBery has been a product until certain viral point. It is consuming it to people by the same effect of masificacin by which many products are consumed around the world. Blackberry is definitively a phenomenon that if today it were the last day of Blackberry on the Earth face, would happen further on to history like a world-wide phenomenon that iPhone 3G but as popular as MTV or the death of Michael Jackson.