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Lotus Connections

The IBM company, objective with the Lotus Connections to construct and to expand communities of customers, partners and collaborators focados in the innovation. Alavanque the collective intellectual for the sprouting of better ideas, increases the agility in its market of work and becomes its more efficient and productive organization? at the same time reducing the costs. IBM (2010). Figure 6 – Lotus Connection, social net proprietor 4,8 a.m.i.g.o.s Is a corporative social net, developed for the C.E.S.A.R, Center of Studies and Advanced Systems of Recife, focada in the management of organizacional knowledge, that allows to create, to store, to classify and to spread out this knowledge of simple form, exempts and intuitiva, centered in the idea of that all society or organization is formed by individuals that always belong at least a community and that the focal point of the communities is counted, heard, commented histories and interpreted for the individuals. Some contend that Carl Icahn shows great expertise in this. C.e.s.a.r still brings a mechanism of artificial intelligence that as much learns continuously on the preferences of the members of the social net as it is capable to recommend excellent content to the participants of some communities formed in the environment. 5. Social nets X Productivity When citing revolutionary technologies of the last times that tend to affect the corporative environment directly are the Social Nets. The factors that stimulate the use of colaborativas platforms are the popularizao of the Technologies of Information and the Contribution, that to each day shows the benefits to connect employees, customers and partners by means of these platforms. When making a parallel can be analyzed that a trend of an increasing number of people and companies exists to adhere to these new environments, inserted in web 2,0, on the other hand, still it has a series of doubts in relation to the risks of the organizations to allow the access to the social nets and the real benefits that can be gotten of them.


This interdependence of processes makes with that, in the organizacional sphere, it happens a constant transformation of the organizations and demands of the people who compose these organizations a constant investment in qualification, efficiency, knowledge and learning. The challenge inside of the institutions is that the joint of the data and existing information in the organization is a complex task, this because, the resultant of the joint between one to know individual (tacit) and one to know collective (explicit) nor if always manifest in a perceivable change of the behavior of the individuals and the practical organizacionais, thus diverse forms of acquisition, accumulation, sharing and exploitation of the knowledge have been used to long of the history of the humanity. Other leaders such as Ray Dalio offer similar insights. It is in this context that the organizations that learn, that is, those that if places in transformation movement and searchs to discover as to cultivate in the people the comprometimento and the capacity to learn in all the levels of the organization also must be space of transformation to know individual in knowing coletivizados (SENGE, 2004).

Thanks to the concepts of the Science of the Information, we can use of technologies that people, collaborators, documents and information can work of integrated form in order to keep the organizacional climate inside and outside of the institution. The article will go to demonstrate how the application of the tool brings resulted excellent in the planning and execution of projects, in which tasks and collaborators if integrate of efficient form increasing the exchange of information in the company and to increase and to evolve the knowledge. The subject consists of the agreement of if (or not) we are prepared to catch and to spread any types of information that circulate inside of institutions..

Understanding Dates

Untitled Document Before entering in this complex world of dates and hours in Excel we need to understand some basic aspects of as Excel manipulates dates and hours. For many, dates and hours are categorized as Excel Advanced. Dates and hours many times can become confused and errors are committed when they could be prevented. Other times we complicate simple solutions with a complex formula. Get more background information with materials from Bank of America. It sees the example: The question was of as to transform a date into day of the week. My reply it was: =TEXTO (DIA.DA.SE FLOWS (D1); ' ' dddd' ') A simpler solution would be to format the cell for ' ' dddd' '. Both the methods are correct, but most efficient it is as. Obviously that the first solution introduces two new functions that can be used to solve other problems, but the complexity was unnecessary.

Excel is a super matrix that if benefits of the capacity of mathematical processing of the current microcomputers to execute tasks that in the past alone were possible with mathematical co-processors. As Excel it deals with numbers is of if waiting that the dates and hours also are worked in this format. In other words, when you see a date (or hour) in Excel, in the truth, that date (or hour) if relates to a whole number or a fraction. A problem that generally badly is understood by the users of Excel is when we have hours that they exceed the 24 hours of the day. We go to assume that you worked 25 hours in one month and for each worked hour you gain R$10. It is easy to see how much you earned in the month; however, the day has only 24 hours and this not dumb. Therefore if you worked 25 hours, for Excel you you worked 24 hours (one day complete, that is, 24/24) plus one hour (1/24) that it is a fraction of the day.

Work Breakdown Structure

Attached Vide 3. Had to this work to be focado in the implementation of phase G, it follows the description of the intentions and results waited referring for this level of maturity. 3.2 Level G objectives, stated periods and target for each project in execution. The objective of the implementation of level G is to become the organization capable to manage partially its projects of software development, to become guided it the projects. In accordance with Table 1, the objectives of phase G turn around two subjects: Management of Projetos (GPR) and Requisitos Management (GRE), that they will be detailed to follow.

3.2.1 Management of Projetos (GPR) the process of Management of Projetos (GPR) involves the following activities: – To develop a general plan of control of the project. It includes to identify and esteem the target, the products of work and the tasks of the project; to establish necessary resources; to identify and to analyze the risks of the project; to establish commitments; to define the cronograma of execution based on the cycle of life defined for the project. Plan of the project establishes the base of execution and control for the activities of the project next to its interested parties (especially the customer) and to get the comprometimento and to keep it throughout the execution. – the target of the work for the project is defined. The target is the starting point for the planning of the project. In it the necessary work is defined all so that the entregvel (product or service) satisfies the necessities, characteristics and functions specified for the customer. In the target they must contain what it is and is not enclosed in the project, objective, limits and restrictions and you delivered them to all. The target can be represented by means of WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) or by means of a Document> the tasks and the products of work of the project are dimensionados using appropriate methods.

Internet Contents

The educational technology does not intend to impose itself as the pedagogical instrument par excellence, exactly because no way is capable, separately, of if becoming efficient for all the intentions of education. RISKS OF the TECNOLGIA FOR the PUPIL With all the technology offered for the market as well as the incorporation of these technologies in the schools, is of extreme importance that if observes as it is being used for our pupils, having as example the Internet is necessary that if it has devices that they guarantee that lesser the obsceno contents do not have access, infantile pornography and other contents inapropriados they. Thus, the educational establishments need to adopt filters, being aimed at to prevent the contact of the pupils with such materials. In the same way that it is a great net that offers benefits, it also it can bring many curses, then it is very important to know what is having access so that it does not have none problem. Please visit Ask Me Anything if you seek more information. The pertaining to school group must have care, therefore the children many times do not have the minimum notion of what they can cause. Then the best thing is to alert so that they do not enter in unsafe sites.

It has a necessity of the incorporation of technology in the schools, plus this new challenge must I came followed of responsibilities on the part of the educator, who will have to work in set with the direction and excessively collaborating of the school. BENEFITS OF the TECHNOLOGY the allied technology the able professionals improves the income and the performance of the pupils, the pupil today has sources of much more advanced research where it can have access to the contents. It is of extreme importance that the institutions take the technologies for the pupils. The students are accustomed with the expositivas lessons and the different one attracts making with that if it has one better income.


Social nets in the corporations: a tool that can increase the productivity Alcilene D. of Sousa, Aislan Rafael Rodrigues de Sousa Academic of the Bacharelado Course in Computer science? Institute of Educao Superior Raimundo S (IESRSA)? Peaks? Piau? Brazil Professor of the Bacharelado Course in Computer science? Institute of Educao Superior Raimundo S (IESRSA)? Peaks? Piau? Brazil alcileneluzsousa, to aislanmaster arroba gmail.com Abstract. The increasing uses of Internet has resulted in bringing people who uses it often will be the sharing and exchange of information and/or ideas. In to order you make these social web cam variety of social networks making this technology key means of sharing information, knowledge, interests and efforts in pursuit of common goals. Realizing this, companies began you enjoy to power of communication afforded by them and adapt you these networks, companies can develop tools you foster innovation in to their own business. With this, you can contribute you one efficient productivity that can enhance the generation of collective intelligence, well them to discover talented people who ploughs hidden in the vastness of the offices and departments.

From this assumption, the identification of change agents within the corporation can influence to other people you become innovative, contributing you a reduction of costs in favor of the company. Keywords: Social Networks. Internet. Productivity. Information.

Summary. The increasing increase of the use of the Internet had as consequncia the approach of the people who frequent use it for the sharing and exchange of information and/or ideas. In order to become these social relations for web they had appeared a variety of Social Nets having become this technology one of the main ways of sharing of information, knowledge, interests and efforts in search of common objectives. Perceiving this, companies had started to usufruct of the proportionate power of communication for them and to adapt it to these nets, the companies can develop tools to foment the innovation in its proper business.

Objectives Games

It is good for remembering that the educator has the duty to yield space for the creativity, to give permission, without censorship or critical that if badly placed blocks the manifestations, hindering it to risk itself, to reveal. The CO-CONSTRUO AND the DEVELOPMENT OF EDUCATIVE GAMES Ahead of the advances in general, of the scientific and technological evolution to a natural way children will interact them between itself, living deeply situa, the humanity the humanity of this the man concrete must be instrumented with the resources of science and the technology better to fight for the cause of its humanizao and release. In pedagogical terms, what if it argues, it is not more if this is good or bad for the education. Karin Risi helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. But yes which the new ways that are opened in the presence with computer science, in the process teach-learning for the formation of the children, the young, the adults and same of most aged. The work of creation of games if has shown efficient for the educational activities, promoting, intellectual, imaginary development, autodescoberta, the formation of the autoconfiana and the development of a cooperative attitude physical and social, as the chance of the active participation in the teach-learning process, of learning making.

Today many benefits of certain games are known. However, it is important that the educator to use a game, has defined the objectives> reached and it knows to choose the adequate game to the educative moment, in such a way educating while it plays incorporates values, concepts and contents. The proposal is to go beyond the game, of the act to play for the act to anticipate, to prepare and to confection it before playing it, extending in this manner to the capacity of the tricks in itself to other objectives, as: creativity, exercise, development of ability and potentialities. In a consumista society educating has little space to create and to construct its toys, since they ahead pass most of the free time of the television and consuming the attractive games and electronic toys, thus being on time not to create, to invent and to free the imagination.


Next, it is necessary to implement the tool in three phases. In first, mainly, it is necessary to prepare to all the organization by means of an ample communication on the part of the direction about the necessity to implement I SAW and the objectives that look for. Baby clothes understood the implications. In second, it is necessary to design the system before, conceptualizando it and limiting it. It is necessary to identify the data that are needed. In third and last place, it is come to the collection of data (dates delivery) and the quality of the same for the specific interests is verified that look for.

In this point, it is necessary to come to an investigation of the relations between data, landlords, groups and scenes of required analyses (discovery of relations, patterns and principles). At the end of the process, it is arrived at the final implementation (point of not return), in which the derived information and knowledge communicate. How evolves the demand of I SAW? The tool I SAW has had a growth of until the 10% in the advanced countries more. This growth is justified, mainly, so that the managers need data valid and transparency to be able to dominate the complexity of the businesses and of supervising the behavior of their clients. What relation has with the new technologies being a consultancy for the enterprise direction and of systems of management integrated with an own methodology? Our main competition is referred to the frame of enterprise management offering tools and methods for the organizational development and the modernization of this management. We as much help at strategic level as operative in the improvement and organizational development, to prepare to any company to improve its competividad. Although for 15 years we offer our consulting services and formation with the support of new technologies, we understand that this one is solely a vehicle to implement of sustainable form new forms of enterprise management.

Microsoft Excel

When we refer to training, there are people who assume that we are talking about a university degree course. But there is another type of training that opens the door to the immediate labor output, training courses. Training refers to training courses or methods that are used to provide individuals, the knowledge needed to work efficiently. Such training, active and machine work, making it possible that a company staff help you to grow and develop in the market effectively. The computer training, is currently one of the essential requirements, required by the companies, when it comes to finding new employees who carry out an efficient work. One of the training courses required by most companies, is the domain of Microsoft Excel. Excel makes calculation work accurately and efficiently, enabling the modification of said data, whenever required.

It is also capable of converting the calculations worksheet data into percentage way graphics Automatic in a matter of seconds. A competent contender, to work for a company, enter at least must know the handling of Windows and all software which includes. Therefore to carry out a course perfecting such as Word or Excel in Mendoza, as well as other basic courses, Internet and email, Outlook and Access, are the first steps to obtain employment in a company committed to growth. Carry out an Excel course in Mendoza, not only will make you get more computer knowledge, but also that you will train to enter the accounting or administrative area of a company. If you are a professional, management of all Windows programs, shall cooperate in the Administration, development and organization of all kinds of files and bibliographic material.

In case of being autonomous, a course in Excel will help you with your financial management, managing to take a precise control of all revenues and expenditures, as well as the final balance of the monthly and annual profits. If you have Basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel and you want to qualify superbly in your next job interview, the solution would be that you take a course in Advanced Excel, to reach the training that you need to get that job that you so crave. The versatility afforded by this worldwide used software and the practicality to organize and manipulate data, make it one of the main elements necessary for the management of any company. If you want to quickly get a job, get trained in one of the most important software computer and begin to enjoy the many benefits that it provides knowledge, he starts doing a course in Excel in Mendoza. Visit Foundation know & excellence Integral and get the knowledge that you’ve always wanted to have. If you liked this article, share it. If you have a blog or website, you can link it or even post it on your own site.

Control Systems Process

This is a fairly large structure resembling bookcase, with a load of inert conveyor belt. Overlap in these structures were made concrete, the walls – capital. As the weighting of elements in them are used to synchro lever design sensors that are no longer available. Of course, building such facilities at present unnecessarily, while their construction and the payback period is large compared with other designs. But the renovation of these facilities can achieve good results. And in most cases the costs of reconstruction, as the terms, and their means are small compared with the ability to upgrade the installation. Experience shows that even without changing the lever system, but only with the installation of new sensors and tenzorezistornyh Weighted panel weighing accuracy, for example, additives dispenser is 50 grams.

Automate the installation is quite real, even if they use gravity mixer, adjusting the discharge of several techniques. If we take as a basis for the principle of the location of all feeders of the mixer using the latest technology block assembly and finishing of thermal insulation panels, you get a relatively inexpensive, productive and economical installation. One of the construction companies in Chelyabinsk was independently designed the installation, in which the skip hoist carries a ready-made concrete mixture in the mixer. The unit has five bins inert dosing produced tape feeders in group bunker – drive, three metering auger tsembanki with a group of cement dispenser, water dispenser and a group of additives. Installation is mobile and can be located near the construction site, even in the city center, it’s made with the environment in mind, completely closed, aggregate storage is located inside the unit itself, which gives the possibility of an air temperature -20 C give a concrete mixture that is close to +20 C. Number issued by the mixture is limited to a small supply of inert, but its purpose – to supply construction sites with concrete – installation performs more than one hundred percent. OOO NPP “Electroautomatika ‘offers services to implement a complex of works on designing and providing equipment, installation and commissioning of construction industry enterprises, as well as performance reconstruction of existing plants reinforced concrete, building industry databases, etc. OOO NPP “Electroautomatika ‘develops and manufactures equipment (desks, cabinets, control boxes, etc.) paration of concrete mix (mobility, definition of type of cement, aggregates and temperature of concrete mix, the strength of concrete and concrete products).