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Working Relationships

Sunday, October 11th, 2015

Irena Asher, Internet newspaper kabbalah world there is no friendship. There is a temporary coincidence of interests. Winston Churchill We were best friends, got up at the same time, went to the same shops, together and separately, sharing the most secret dreams, changed clothes and even went to the edge of the light from all far away, too, together. Until a chosen her. Suddenly, overnight, our friendship was gone.

Of course, I survived this shock. In some ways it was the first tangible slap in the face of life, managed by people unknown to me the laws. After graduation, got a job, married and, as luck would have it again made friends with a woman. Formally, it was my boss, but our relationship could be described as a truly friendly. We correctly and respect the privacy of each of us, but at work in every way supported each other and, if necessary, 'covered' each other's back. Still remember those days with some nostalgia and warmth. This went on until, in our team is not a new employee who is mine, as you might guess, is the former girlfriend did not start sympathize. Suddenly she remembered that she was my boss, suddenly I started to do the job satisfactorily, and suddenly our relations do not conform to the rules. After a few big fights, humiliation and public consumption lowering the wages I had to quit. By this time I was not really a girl, so I was much more difficult to endure yet another slap in the face.

Vernadsky Altruism

Monday, August 31st, 2015

Today’s man of harmony falls, as if unwilling to obey the fundamental law of nature – the law of altruism. If we say that the basis for the existence of nature, laid return neighbor, obedience to the interests of community and altruism, then principle of human existence is explicitly declared by self-interest. Under the self-interest we do not mean the ratio of men to each other, and active human reluctance to connect with other people together. It is this is called selfishness. Conversely, altruism means that people in the inner impulse from the heart, acting on their own so that others feel like part of himself. It is this requires us to nature.

Nature abhors a disharmony and so mercilessly punish people for disobeying their laws. Hence the crisis of society, culture and morality. And since everything in nature is interconnected, and man is part of the system here should be sought and the reason for more frequent natural disasters and impending ecological disaster. As he wrote Academician Vernadsky “You can not with impunity go against the principle of unity of all people as a law of nature.” “Humanity is taken as a whole, is becoming a powerful geological force. And before him, in front of his thought and work, is the question of restructuring of biosphere in the interests of free-thinking humanity as a whole. ” On the threshold The global correction process of restructuring, which is described by Vernadsky, you can call fix – fix egotistical approach based on the principle “all for themselves” on the altruistic – one with we encounter in the natural environment that exists on the principle “all for the sake of passing.” In contrast to the still, vegetative, animal and even the world man has consciousness and choice. It was a conscious choice to change himself, subordinating their basic law of nature of altruism – that is what all the insistent demands of us the logic of the universe. We are at the point of creation, when further delay will be cause new troubles and disasters at various levels. If, however, we realized the need for justice and the way we want to fix yourself and become part of global harmony, eternity ahead of us, perfection, goodness and love.

India October

Monday, October 1st, 2012

Uranus – symbol of fractures and permutations of sudden change. He strikes like lightning, and forces us to try on new circumstances, forcing me everything – beliefs, feelings, tastes, interests and habits. In contact with Saturn, representing the resistance, obstacles and contradictions that often causes unexpected conflicts crises intervention in our destiny's violent and coercive nature. It was during those aspects which had developed in September and early October, people deal with events that they did not expect. Someone may be out of work because of the arbitrariness of the new chief, although he was absolutely sure that will work on their homes to retirement age. Someone decides to throw a profitable business, to break off relations with all our friends and partners, quickly fleeing to meditate in India. All will be peresledovat main themes associated with Uranus and Saturn – the feeling of hopelessness, deadlock and restrictions on freedom and the desire to free one stroke from captivity, completely changing circumstances.

If you do not have the heart to cut through the established "Gordian knot", for you it will make fearless Uranus. As it happened, for example, the son of Christina Orbakaite. In this sad episode to accurately track the topic two major planets, September and October. A child faced with saturnianskim imprisonment and excommunication from his mother, which was caused by a sudden – uraniumical – father's behavior. If we trace this pattern further, we can affirm that the resolution of the conflict will begin in the second half of October, when the two planets would cease military operations and will move into a peaceful phase of existence.

The Partners

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Warlock operates in two areas: firstly, educates about the root of the problem to the customer. To this end, the sorcerer uses available to him mantic system. Just watching his past and present, distinguishing between changes. Thus, the sorcerer and need to work on the reality of this man: changing the client- influencing the internal environment, it changes and it objectively true. And achieved results. 90% of the sorcerer’s action should be directed to the man himself! If it will help him to influence the type of natural influences on the the root of his problems, then all the client has quickly returned to normal, the reality will change in the good direction. Previously, although the way and now, in the villages of witches, sorceress, witch all know about these types of impacts.

Therefore, when a person comes to him with a problem after installing the root of the problem, she always says: go to church, confession, communion, or even baptized. Why these actions? This is not just a symbolic act of devotion Christian egregor, namely due to such subject to the internal human medium varies. If we assume a person experiences a deep sense of guilt, and this had a negative impact on the alliance between the partners and sorceress seeing this, sends people to confession and communion, did not even talk about the reasons klientu.Tot came to the church repent of their sins, as it poured all of his soul, all the filth, Father bless her, she lets go of these sins and the person falls off a whole gora.On feels great, all the dirt from her Nutra went out, he forgave himself, now a reality immediately begin to change for the better. Thus the problem in terms of love go one hour away. I said that a sorcerer uses 90% of their actions on the man himself, and 10% go on healing, working with the aura cleansing, channels, and so on. Thus, it is all a natural process and results there are always significant, because a person follows the law of cause and effect.