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Platenclene and isopropyl alcohol Isoclene – Cleaning printing rollers printer and fax AF produces a unique range of products for professional engineers, maintenance or technologically advanced users responsible for the maintenance of office equipment (faksimalny machine, printer, photocopier, scanner, etc.). in good working condition. "Our office printer leaving black bars on each print and literally mad my boss. I did not know how to handle it so I asked our engineer for maintenance. He brought the AF Platenclene and isopropyl alcohol Isoclene, ran it through the printer, since the black marks are gone, now I have at work all right. " 'Printer to print bar codes in the office of delivery 24 hours a day. Problems with feeding the paper feed and prevent us time to deliver products to our customers. Printer Manufacturer advised we try to remedy the defect Platenclene after hours at night.

I decided to try it. I sldoval instructions on the can and decided to become their own problems and complete assignments on time 'cleaning kit AF Inkjet Printer contains everything you need to clean the ink-jet printers, inkjet fax machines, heads, cylinders and enclosures. Tool roller cleans and restores grip and silicone rubber rollers. Cleaner cleans copper contacts. Nozzle to spray paint cleaned with detergent and foam applied on a spatula. Non-toxic spray solvent to clean and restore the properties of the rubber surfaces of all types of rollers.

Restores the elasticity of a rubber roller. Leaves no residue. Dissolves paint stains, oils and grease. Reduces paper jams. Antistatic Staticlene. Universal cleaners for cleaning surfaces Wide range of carefully designed tools for cleaning the surfaces of AF is safe and effective for cleaning all types of plastic and molded surfaces. Products AF can get not only clean, but Hygienic and does not contain bacteria office. Antistatic Staticlene completely biodegradable, with pleasant apple aroma. Anti-static cleaner for hard surfaces in an editable spray. Saves anti-static properties for a long time, reducing the accumulation of dust and dirt. 5-liter plastic container for those who want large quantities. Anti-static cleaner for hard surfaces in a reusable aerosol packaging. Powerful cleaning action. Completely biodegradable packaging. There is a plug-in unit with 1 liter of spray.