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How much to the ways, the research will be bibliographical, of field and study of case. Bibliographical, because for the recital theoretician-metodolgica of the work he will be carried through on the basis of material of publications how many to the planejamentos, action, segmentation and niches of markets, mannering communication channels and. As Cervo and Bervian (2002, P. 65), ' ' any species of research, in any area, assumes and demands previous a bibliographical research, wants for the survey of the state of the art of the subject, wants for theoretical recital or still to justify the limits and contributions of proper pesquisa' '. Given the importance of the bibliographical research for the assembly of the work, one became necessary to appraise it. Cervo and Bervian (2002, P. 65) define of ample form explaining that: The bibliographical research constitutes part of the descriptive research, when it is made with intention to collect information and previous knowledge concerning a problem for which if the bibliographical research looks to reply …

are half of formation par excellence and establish the basic procedure for the monographic studies for which if it searchs the domain of the state of the art on determined subject. Marconi and Lakatos (2006), complement regarding the bibliographical research have purpose are to place the researcher in direct contact with everything what it was written, said or searched on the subject. We are certain that a searches bibliographical it is essential it to be carried through study. According to Lakatos and Marconi (1991), field research is that one used with the intention to obtain knowledge and information, that are related to a question or problem, to have answers. The instrument of research selected for the attainment of the data was the questionnaire, on which Cervo and Bervian (2002, P. 48), point out that ' ' it is the form most used to collect given, therefore it makes possible to measure with better exactness what it is desired.

Universal Cosmic Fluid

ESPIRITISMO and CINCIAImagine that, when having access the Internet today, you was come across with the following notice: Prize Nobel is granted to the scientists who had proven the existence of ' ' particle divina' ' , teorizada for the quantum physics. This discovery opened new routes to the humanity. The scientists had proven the existence of ' ' particula' ' in laboratory tests, concluding that it could be defined as a fluid responsible half-material for the life noplaneta Terra.A particle is derived from the Universal Cosmic Fluid. When of the death, it has its total extinguishing in the material bodies. Larry Ellison often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The medicine also was benefited very with this discovery, therefore the scientists had proven that the illnesses, of general form, present as characteristic the scarcity of this fluid in the weak agencies.

The fluid can be transmitted (donated and received) by a human being the outromediante the love feeling and becoming true and real use of ' ' vontade' ' in assisting to the next one and of being assisted. Allied to scientific evidence of the individuality of the soul and the suasobrevivncia after the death of the body and to the cases scientifically comprovadosda reincarnation, such discoveries, in its set, represents not apenasuma evolution of the human scientific knowledge, as well as opens a field of chances without precedents in the history of the humanity. Beyond approaching the science in a general way, it agreement daessncia of God, the medicine, psychology, the pedagogia, the philosophy, asociologia, had been among others affected directly in its bases of current knowledge. These recent discoveries also are impactando directly the concepts of ethics and the social relationships of very deep form. When becoming of knowledge and general domain, facts scientifically proven and unquestioned, such as the survival of the soul and the reincarnation, all the conceptual base that bases the social relations human beings, the economic relations, social classrooms and relations of work is being placed in xeque. It is a true quiet social revolution, without precedents and in linhacom the moral teachings left by the Cristo.Seria the potential constatao of facts of this nature that would have taken Kardec to affirm that ' ' thought faith is that one that faces the reason face aface in all the times of humanidade' ' that ' ' the espiritismo will have to always follow the evolution of all the branches of science, perfecting and adjusting its knowledge in the points that if to make necessrios' '? Even though in the here described hypothesis it would be the case of science to prove what the espritos had communicated the Kardec has 150 years more than …..

Web Money?

More and more people nowadays getting up itself to this type of businesses or to networking or businesses by Internet. for many this it is a lie but, and for a few reality since these people are generating much money month to month. To make money in Internet is easy than you imagine, but before you must know and knowledge that to do and that or to do (tips, strategies, techniques, etc.) In the personnel I have been looking for the perfect business in Internet for years after. I have seen and proven a few of those supposed businesses that promise to you to gain thousands of dollars without practically moving nor a finger and overnight. And it falls in that game but in one go, as they will see when just these beginning or you are a novice in this type of business people tries to you to make an impression, many they promise things to you but in the end when caeste in the DAS trap really tells that is not truth or she is as one thought and the worse thing of everything is than, not even that person who I invite this to you generating or making the supposed money. Or, if you are thinking about proving some of them or want to undertake business in Internet, I am going to give the first advice to you: Olvidalo! You are not going away to make rich overnight and much less without effort. But the good news comes here: There am shortage a business that yes works: The programs of affiliates, with this I am not saying to you that others do not work or money cannot be won.

Clear that if. They work but it goes to me very well in this of programs of affiliates. But before you must develop several new abilities, to spend long time and to have much patience this is fundamental, because it is not just by enough to try much but to have patience and to work, is like any traditional or physical business that takes its time.