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Artificial Lawn

The installation of artificial turf a simple task. Artificial turf has become one of the best options when it comes to wanting to give to a space, a great beauty, besides the installation of artificial grass is possible on any surface, whether sand, cement or dirt, all that requires is performing a good drained and ready, so the task of the installation of artificial turf is something that up to the same buyer can perform, but if you prefer that the same company do it selling of artificial turf, is also the possibility. You have to bear in mind that the installation of artificial turf will be much more advantageous and comfortable, that perform the normal grass planting, since results that always offers artificial grass are the best, are not subject to contingencies such as climate or soil and therefore always give beautiful results that are searchedalso if performing the installation of artificial turf there to bother to perform tasks such as irrigation, cutting, or perform maintenance activities such as the application of fertilizers, substrates or fertilizers and similarly to perform the installation of artificial turf will be obtained very similar results in terms of the beauty that offers natural grass, in addition many times prefer to install natural grass, mistakes are made or does not have the expertise in gardening and therefore the garden does not flourishWhile the installation of artificial turf does not require much knowledge, or wait for a season to perform this task and neither has the fear that comes a season of drought or frost that could damage the place to which he has devoted so much time and dedication. The task of the artificial turf installation is simple and easy, the first point to consider is the terrain, more not so much the characteristics of the terrain, but have dropped or a good drainage, such form can be put on terrazzo, concrete or any other surface smooth, because from the surface to the process of installation in yes same, first you must lay artificial turf rolls one followed by the other and then bind with a mesh of a material geo-textile, so that all the filaments or hairs of the artificial turf roll have the same fall, after having performed the installation of artificial turf, all those parts that have been with outgoing are clippedAfter this a 20 kilos of silica layer spreads per 10 square meters, then combing the grass with a brush type Sweeper with the filaments of opposite direction, so remain uniform and well designed, the part of pour the silica is of great importance because this product provides a cool environment. In definitive to perform the installation of artificial turf is the best choice, because by be made fully synthetic monofilament does not deteriorate with time, does not change colour and texture, does not Moreover rot, the Sun does not change its colour and therefore, you can always provide a beautiful appearance to the place where they are placed.