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Power Temperature

Dial Thermometer located on the upper face of the parting. In a series of Gorenje GBFU all management is to handle temperature control and located at the bottom of a plastic lid. The size of these three water heaters are approximately equal (diameter, mm x height, mm): Round Plus Termex 410 mm x 1045 mm, Real BH 390 / 100 x 390 mm 1155 mm, Gorenje GBFU 100 N 454 mm x 948 mm.V working Savings Electric water heaters are simple and reliable devices, which are the main elements of the inner tank and the so-called heater (heating element) and the thermostat. All water heaters can heat water up to 70-80 C, however, thermostats and comfort they have different regulation. In my water heater mechanical Real bimetallic thermostat with a low core temperature accuracy (t 5-6 C).

By the way, Real Madrid no handle temperature control, issued out. In a series of water heaters Termex Round Plus and Gorenje GBFU more accurate kappilyarny thermostat (t 1-2 C). At Scott Kahan you will find additional information. Temperature control handle them withdrawn outside. Control range at Real Madrid and Termex from 35 to 75 C, while Gorenje from 25 to 75 C. In addition, the water heater Gorenje is a frost protection function (icon "*" to control the temperature of the panel), which allows you to maintain the temperature in the tank about +10 C. This function is useful in the cold season in a long absence. Power consumption while the device is not high, but you must be sure that the power supply during your absence will not be shut down. Water heaters and Termex Gorenje keeps the temperature is several times more accurate than real. In real copper heating element installed capacity of 1.5 kW, Termex copper heating element with a separate power: 1.3 or 2.0 kW. Capacity in the storage Termex water heater is regulated by the control panel.


Microwave ovens have become today is quite commonplace in our kitchens. Some families prefer their traditional gas or electric stove and oven. And why is she to you? How to choosing a microwave oven? C answer to the question, why did you buy it. If you just want to warm up or defrost food, and even sometimes to make hot sandwiches, it is quite a microwave oven with a single mode – the microwave. If you going there to prepare main dishes: roast chicken, steak, be sure to note the presence of the grill. And if you're a fan or baked starchy foods, you can not do without treatment konvektsii.Pomimo main modes – Microwave, grill and convection – for cooking, generally use a combination, because the presence of microwave radiation accelerates the cooking in any mode. Press – and voila! In microwave ovens are often found set mode "auto cook", which can include one-touch, "Pizza", "popcorn," "potato," "chicken", etc.

Many microwave ovens present regime, "fast food" or "Quick Defrost." This is nothing like the recorded version of the memory with a predetermined power mode (microwave or microwave + grill …) and operating time. These modes are useful in everyday life. In more complicated models provides for the possibility of a "scenario" of preparation, which consists of several stages, each of which can set their own parameters. For example, we can establish that the chicken was prepared 20 minutes in Microwave + grill + convection at 800 watts of power, and then another 15 minutes in the microwave + grill with a capacity of 700 Tues In an even more sophisticated models such a complex scenario (or several different) can be written into memory and use as needed. YOUR Razmerchik Of course, if you choose to define the dimensions. There is no sense that any advice, since the choice depends on the individual parameters of the kitchen, the size of a table or hanging a shelf, where it will stand microwave oven.

Career Workshop

If you are tired of searching for the right clothes in the stores, if you obladaeete irregular shape or you want to ‘stand out’, then the best solution for you is an individual tailoring to order a tailor. Business quality costume and is made in the studio to order – nemalovyzhny attribute for men who choose a life only the best. It’s not so much in our personal approach to customers, but in the desire of a man strive for the best. Some contend that Gary Kelly shows great expertise in this. This dress, sewn with a tailor, not a typewriter, much at once: cutting and planting, ‘vspushka’ at the edges of the board, collar and lapel. Are sewn to order dresses in some degree act as a calling card, raskazyvayuschey of dignity, taste, status and material prosperity owner. This, together leaders who were able to overcome the circumstances are over heights that are not ordinary mortals.

Personal tailoring outfit in tailor an unlimited field for the realization of your ideas and bold plans, your chance to express their individuality. The purpose of our employees – to help you, is convenient, stylish and ideas depending on your desires. Fashions our performance differ markedly elegant cut, professional quality and comfort during use. Stitched outfit for a certain person, but not the crowds, the size of which went to the sizes of patterns, less influenced by weather conditions and considerably less deformation during cleaning and wear. There is a whole philosophy of quality embodied in the exclusive form of your dress. We can also do custom tailoring and modeling clothes custom made for children and adolescents. In our studio by professional designers, who are investing in creating svoyudushu fashion, making each dress unique and the only one, because all products developed individually. And also our company specializes in manufacturing high-end sportswear for sports and gymnastics, fitness, aerobics, shaping, skiing, swimming, bodybuilding, athletics, figure skating, cycling, sports, ballroom dancing, acrobatic rock ‘n’ roll, acrobatics, synchronized swimming, clothes for a variety of shows and performances .

American Company

The decision to expand the number of commercial bio fireplaces (ekokaminov), our company has taken in response to growing demand for this great product. Now choose and buy Biofireplaces a lot easier. 'After competition of young designers 'Fire in the interior', in our e-mail began to arrive a lot of proposals asking for the sale of exclusive models. However, in the current economic situation, I mean uncertainty about the exchange rate and the lack of large amounts of free, many of our clients can not afford to really bio fireplaces exclusive models, so the company's management decided to increasing the range of bio fireplaces for sale by the inclusion of the rare models on the market '- justifying the decision made by the company's management, commercial director of the' New Vision 'Bagabo Allen. Indeed, simple market analysis bio fireplaces (ekokaminov) of St.

Petersburg shows that most companies offer product lines of two manufacturers: the Polish and German Planica Wunder. But there are many other equally interesting producers of these goods, under-represented salons fireplaces and dealer networks. To deepen your understanding Oracle is the source. A decision on cooperation with the American producer bio fireplaces (ekokaminov) Art Flame was adopted unanimously. Biofireplaces this company practically not represented in Russia, except for 3.4 companies in Moscow. For the market of St. Petersburg will be a completely new 'trend'. Biofireplaces (ekokaminy) Art Flame made by American technology. The range of these bio fireplaces are not as wide as that of Alfra Feuer, a total of 20 models, but these models are characterized by originality and unique style, very different from the design of bio fireplaces other companies.

Soon, a new range will be presented on our website for a detailed explanation of features and recommendations from the manufacturer and designer of St.-Petersburg. It is also noteworthy that this company 'New Vision' will not stop. In near future we plan further expansion of the range due to an exclusive bio fireplaces and lesser-known manufacturers. Currently, negotiations are underway with representatives of French companies DirectCheminee. So , our company strives to diversify the choices of consumers bio fireplaces at prices that lineup and services offered in support.


In those days, such refrigerators can enjoy exceptionally distinguished and crowned heads. In everyday life of ordinary people refrigerators began appearing in only 50 of the last century. The first single-chamber refrigerator, "Saratov", "Dnipro", "Oka", "Orsk" were made of stainless steel and the inner chamber was covered with enamel. In 1951, year begins mass production of pressurized freon refrigerators under the brand ZIL. These refrigerators were of high reliability, and durability, which enabled the brand remained popular until the 90th years.

In 60 years, domestic production of refrigerators are becoming more tech: the inner enamel chamber is replaced with plastic, there are refrigerators with swinging doors, the rubber seal with Lock the door gives way to a magnetic. At that time, refrigerators are mostly rectangular in shape. In the early 70's refrigerators are becoming multi-functional. Besides the several temperature zones for storing different types of products they provide function making ice and cooling water, which were issued on the outside of the door without having to open the fridge. The inner chambers of refrigerators begin to be made of aluminum, which is applied to the vinyl flooring. Among the unique development of Soviet producers may be noted improved single-chamber models of refrigerators ZIL, which were equipped with the technology of automatic or semi-automatic defrost, and also had neobmerzayuschie wall.

Such developments do not have counterparts in the West. The new models also attended the shelves, height adjustable, different direction of opening, a removable door handle, door opening limiter, adjustable roller bearings, etc. These solutions were subsequently used by many manufacturers. In 80 years, an active the use of electronic control devices. As a result, household refrigerator will turn into an automatic machine, which practically did not require maintenance. During this period, are without a low-temperature refrigeration Branch (cold boxes), built-in refrigerators and freezers of type "table", the combined refrigerator-freezers high-capacity, three-compartment refrigerators, refrigerated cabinets, display cases with clear doors, etc.

Colors In Design

When choosing colors for the design must take into account the fact that in most cases, plastic laminate, which somewhat distorts the colors. At Gary Kelly you will find additional information. This factor must be considered, so the color should select a professional who knows the technology of producing the cards. Also, when working with colors cards should be considered especially manufacturing process and further conditions of use of plastic cards. The composition and color harmony and to give the map a unique and recognizable style unique. From the designer will depend it will turn out an interesting composition, but in any case it must be professionally done.

The presence of additional components in the composition between the designer and the customer must negotiated in advance. And if no new elements are not necessary, the composition may be formulated according to a plan specialist. The main condition for the establishment of the design is its recognition. This is achieved using the design of innovative graphic techniques and tricks of professional specialists. In Russia, the map does not only basic functions, but also supports the company's image, it indicates the level of wealth.

In the case of limited further use of cards designer needs to reinforce the fantasy prospects of using knowledge of maps and coordinate with the marketing plan of the issuer's registration card. In any case, to obtain the desired result, the customer must participate in the development of maps and formulate the basic criteria relating to the company's image. Typically, the designer suggests several solutions to cards, from which the customer must choose a primary version, which goes to further revision. What are the criteria forming the image of company? Many issuers have paid insufficient attention to the image and do not attach much importance to the marketing policy. Traditional presentation about the image formed by the logo or trademark, brand name by writing the issuer's color scheme.

Establishing A Professional Image

Now services are in vogue image maker, stylist, that is, shopping assistance. Stylist and image maker for personal shopping accompanied give useful advice and help to make the right choice. Any woman or man willing to change its image, both fashionably and look beautiful, but it is not present to begin. In this case, can help the person who will accompany you through the world of modern fashion. Professional stylist, first of all, advises to begin the study of fashion trends. For this we need to look through fashion magazines and point out the way you like.

In the journals of each model works professional stylist – image-maker, so you can independently make choices and take a closer look liked the style. But every good stylist will tell you that the mere knowledge of fashion trends is not enough. In this connection, go to the next most difficult step – shopping. If you have read about litecoin already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Remember that every man can never be their own stylist. It is impossible to objectively assess your choices if you do not see myself from outside. Of course, you can find a way to example, as a personal image maker to support the shops, you can get a girlfriend or a good friend.

But it is unfortunately not the best option, as your fashionable friend or friend can err in choosing clothes, as they are not professional stylists. You only spend money, not creating his desired image. For help can arrive in style guide that would prevent errors and save your time and money. Will help you choose and buy clothes to match your style. Clothing that is perfect for you on a style and color. Without hesitation Litecoin explained all about the problem. To help you look elegant and graceful, you will learn to visually adjust the shape, hide weaknesses and emphasize the advantages. Using the services of a professional stylist, you can get rid of the unfortunate things in her wardrobe. Now you can easily learn how to seduce a girl or guy. Stylists will help shape your individual style and will give you attractive. Stylists are not only guides in the world of fashion, but other than psychologists. They will help to emphasize not only the appearance but also your inner self. Shopping can support the ideal solution for you. This is a real school create their own style and image. Now you know how to get the girl, after some argument, or how to please a girl or a boy. Professional stylist will not only be guided by its style, but also enjoyable companion and conversationalist, who will support you with a conversation on various topics. Services stylist image maker will help you look sexy, beautiful and bright. The new image will turn your life for the better. You'll be completely different and will for another look at the world around us. In our time to find a professional stylist is not difficult. But remember that it is only necessary to cooperate with professional who will honor you design your individual image of all of these nuances. Shopping accompaniment – this is an excellent way to update your wardrobe and create an image, perfect look, and like others. Feel confident and always be in the spotlight. Learn how to choose clothes, emphasize individuality, become attractive and sexy, and feel self-confidence, change yourself for the better, change the image. Save time, effort and money.