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Juan Pozuelo Is Puts The Apron Of Catering Imperial Premium

Innovate and be presented as the quality catering which are held in the community of Madrid. For even more analysis, hear from Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act. That is the objective pursued by the master group, which has just launched a division specializing in original caterings and with maximum quality: Catering Imperial Premium. To achieve its goals the new brand counts with the collaboration of the prestigious chef Juan Pozuelo. We aspire to become the reference name in any quality catering that boasts of being. Baby clothes oftentimes addresses this issue. For this reason, we wanted to have the person that would represent this spirit. And Juan Pozuelo, one of the most renowned chefs, is the one who best embodies and represents our challenge, explains Jorge Leal, technical director of the group. A choice that is an honor and a great motivation for Juan Pozuelo: which Catering Imperial Premium was fixed in me and in my kitchen to represent you and develop your menus is an immense pleasure. I am sure that it extends gastronomic offer based on excellence, innovative cocktails, varied buffets and menus for all kinds of celebrations weddings, events and private parties – and increasingly demand more demanding customers, it will be the big reference in Madrid and surroundings, explains the famed chef.

Imagination to the table so things, from the central kitchen for Catering Imperial Premium – located in Arroyomolinos-Madrid, the genial Pozuelo and his team will create dishes unique and special for every occasion. In these facilities we rehearse proposals until you achieve the desired in each spot. We are very demanding and therefore always prepare everything with more quality products. In regard to the differences and the added value of this new brand of luxury catering noted are: recourse to the best suppliers in each subject for so defining dishes of high-level culinary and very attractive to the eye. Quality as a major ingredient. In addition to being inscribed in the General Health Registry of food, it has the certificates of quality excellent Madrid as well as the ISO 9001: 00.

Team camare@s work wears the uniform or the details that ask for each event. You can choose between the classic tuxedo, the long apron, black jacket with gold edging and for women the option of maiden, adds Leal. Differentiated and customized services. Each catering conforms not only to the number of attendees that count but also into space, conditions or the needs of the customer, we make each event a different mount, do not repeat elements such as tables, centers, color of the lingerie, even the uniformity of the staff in the room. Who is Catering Imperial is the company created in 1999 by 5 partners, two of them professors from the national school of hospitality and tourism and other professionals in the industry, which gives Catering Imperial an eminently technical nature. In 2002 the master Group acquires the majority of the shares. The company has your school training and own, being Juan Pozuelo, the person at the front of this kitchen area. Besides Catering Imperial has certificates of quality excellent Madrid as well as the ISO 9001: 00. Its customers include the Royal House, Ayuntamiento de Madrid, Iberdrola, porch, BMW or Mahou, ECSC and Funcas. In 2008 the Group had a turnover of 3.5 million euros. For any interview or enlargement of information do not hesitate to call us. Nuria Coronado / Esther Murillo Tfno: 91 657 42 81 original author and source of the article.

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