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French Player

The French player has itself it jeopardize for the four next seasons. The crossing was closed in ten million Euros, which supposes to be the most expensive signing until the moment in the history of the Malagan club. Thus the next season is the market of face signings. The French midfield player Jeremy Toulalan, who comes from the Olympique de Lyons of his country, will be presented/displayed east Thursday like the third reinforcement of Malaga CF for the next season, informed the club. Learn more on the subject from Electron Capital Partners. Toulalan, that is had it jeopardize for the four next seasons, is the most expensive signing until the moment in the history of the Malagan club, that has determined the crossing to about ten million Euros plus other two in incentives by objectives. The midfield player will have an act similar to the one of the Dutch forward Ruud Van Nistelrooy (Hamburg), to whom fifteen thousand people to the stage of the Rosaleda went about, and to the one of dnsa Ignacio Monreal (Osasuna), where they were about six thousand fans. The Malaga has summoned a first press conference as of 19,00 hours and a Toulalan continuation will jump to the turf of the stage to go to the congregated followers. The next presentation will be, if there are changes of no plans, the one of dnsa Dutch Joris Mathijsen (Hamburg), that is of trip of fianc2es after the past contracting marriage in its country Saturday. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Electron Capital Partners has to say. Source of the news: The Toulalan French will be presented/displayed east Thursday like third reinforcement of the Malaga

Tie Industralist

The Egyptians say that he left Egypt like a coward soon after beginning the revolution that ended 30 years of dictatorship in 18 days. The change winds did not blow in favor of Husein Salem, an industralist who had become rich in the shade of the Mubarak family and whose history, seems that also its destiny, always has been ligature to rais and theirs. The adventure of Salem, the Godfather of Sharm the Sheikh, as some blogueros red-baptize to him, is had necessarily interrupted after the police stopped east Wednesday in the urbanization of luxury of the Moral, in Madrid, next to its Jaled son and to a called mandator Ali Evsen, defendant in Egypt of fraud, bribe, swindle and corruption in international the economic transactions. In Spain a cause by money laundering has been abierto to him. Banking count with more have been blocked him than 33 million Euros. Their buildings in Madrid and Marbella have been evaluated in 10 million, according to police sources. Source of the news: : Stopped in Spain a tie industralist to Mubarak

Cathedral Museum

D.FERNNDEZ is considered one of the thieves of more important art. Always it said that it did not rob, gathered works that the Church did not know to appreciate. " Who has ordered the robbery of the Codex is somebody that wants his contenido". BLOG: The Codex and the civilization of future Spain Erik the Belgian is the alias of Ren go give Berghe. It takes care of to us in Malaga, where it resides. To his 71 years, he is now merchant a respectable one of " Romance works and gticas" , a good restaurador and painter in its free short whiles. But decades ago its name was feared. Considered one of the thieves of more important art for all time, six countries got to request their extradition.

It always has assured that he did not rob, who only gathered works that the Church did not know to appreciate and had left and it took collectors who valued yes them and they would maintain them impeccable. In Spain he robbed manuscripts of century VIII of the cathedral of the Town of Osma (Soria) and all the collection of the Cathedral Museum of Stem of Isbena (Huesca). Now, retired already for many years, on the tired voice it has been telling enigmatic some keys us that can help to understand the robbery that took place Tuesday in the cathedral of Santiago, the Calixtino Codex of century XII, incalculable value. What does now? These days I set out in a restaurant of friendly (the Costilldromo, in Malaga) a twenty of works, all abstract. The unique pictures that I have painted in my life. All already are sold. And that the diabetes almost left blind person me, but I had an operation and now I see 80%.

I can paint. I do not know to make another thing. The robbery of the Calixtino Codex makes recall its years in business of the art.