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Metaphysical Thought

Because the essence causes that a thing is what another thing cannot be. The essence only causes that such thing is unique. Therefore the being of the man is unique, and no thing can be like the man. The essence opposes to the concept accident. Which makes think several times me, that it is easier to conceive the existence of the universal nature like an accident that the one of the man, since the one of the man it is very far from being an accident by the universal quality, that only owns this and no other being, that is to say the thought. Another necessary cause is the matter, which can materialize the thought of the being and his you see serve like hardware to think to itself. In the material experience the thought can modify its Metaphysical intuitions with the purpose of to include ampler extensions each of the microcosm like of the macrocosmos.

Thus it can think to itself and only allow that other similar beings to think to themselves. The absolute thought no longer thinks to itself because it is already known in his totality. We only thought same. This is the cause by which the absolute thought thinks of us multitude of things each you see that it observes to us and it analyzes. Another cause is the movement by which all the things become. But it ntese that the movement is vital for us the men and the things, but nothing else essential in the universal whole number that brings back to consciousness since the same generates the thought when we can be conscientious of the reality of us like beings and of the reality of the things. Young people in bring back to consciousness keep the spheres from the thought and the experiences of any knowledge. 20 2007 Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo In the Metaphysical area it is different.

Gestalt Psycotherapy

The energy of 2 Chakra begins to vibrate and to be made notice around the 7 years. To that age the children begin to be related to other children and other adults with but independence of their parents and outside the family surroundings, by means of these first interactions begin to individualize themselves, to establish relations and to explore their power of election. The energy of to this one enables center to develop us to a sense of personal identity and protective psychic borders. While we constantly evaluated our personal force in relation to the outer world and its seductive physical faces (sexual relations, addictive substances or other people), the energy of 2 Chakra of physical ego enables a healthy us to relate to us to that world without having to negotiate or to sell to us; it is the energy of the self-sufficiency. It is the creation energy that is simultaneously biological and spiritual; we wish to generate children and also to give physical form to our creative energy, which is highly essential for the health physics and spiritual.

Main *Miedos: To lose the dominion, to being dominated on the other, by means of the dominating power of events or upheavals like the addiction, the sexual violation, the economic treason, impotence, losses, the abandonment. Also the fear to lose the power of the physical body. *Verdad Sagrada: The truth sagrada with respect to 2 Chakra is: Respetaos mutually. This truth is applied to the way to relate to us to others and all the forms of life. From the spiritual point of view, all the relations that we formed, from most superficial to but the intimate ones, help us to make us more conscientious.

Some relations are necessarily painful because to know us same and to face our limitations he is not something that we make by far enthusiasm. Often we needed to be spiritually equipped for those encounter. All our personal relations contribute to let us grow like people. We are attracted the relations that will contribute that we know a we same. Expressions very known as the resemblance attracts the resemblance, and When the disciple is ready appear the teacher, recognize that there is an energy acting between frames, that apparently organize when and where we know the people, and always in the opportune moment. The more conscientious we become, the more conscientiously we can use the energy of the second Chakra. The Kundalini Yoga counts on specific exercises, meditations and Mantras to harmonize this one Chakra as well as all the others, for the philosophy of the Kundalini 8 Yoga are Chakras. By Elosa Chavarra On the author: The Dra. Elosa Chavarra is expert in corporal, masterful Gestalt Psycotherapy and of Kundalini Yoga. It has helped hundreds of people to solve to his stress and anxiety as well as bad results of life. In order to read more of its articles than they will allow you to have more information of how to solve all this visit: . yogagestalt. com/Bulletins.