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Longlife Milk

Not only supermarkets take advantage of mobile marketing! Mirror online reported last month on bar code”an app that gives a melody products with bar codes. Do you need it? Singing UHT milk should be slightly exaggerated as mobile marketing measures in the minds of most. Due to rising Smartphone user numbers is the potential of mobile apps for businesses but not to be underestimated. Icahn Enterprises shines more light on the discussion. The future therefore is mobile has made it the company of flyacts GmbH to the task, to develop mobile Web apps (mobile application). Apps for companies in all possible areas, E.g. gastronomy, services sector and culture sector are conceivable. Mobile, you can be in any industry “, Marcus Funk, assured we show CEO of flyacts GmbH., how companies can make interactive apps to its customers happy.” The benefits of mobile apps of of marketing, by which companies can benefit, include: Specific targeting without spreading loss direct dialogue with customers Offering added value (exclusive information material and offers) simplification of business processes place – and time-independent marketing withdrawal from the competition flyacts designed on basis of a number of modules for each request no matter how extraordinary the performances are an inpiduelle app. If necessary we make also chocolate bars dance.

Calls For Under 10 Euros A Month

Compare phone providers and save money convenience costs money. Comparisons, however, save money. Of a friend of the other suffering. The suffering of the telephone provider (still) not for nothing it is the enormous pressure of competition and falling prices in Telefonie.Bedenkt free so is man, that it is now possible to make calls around the world E.g. Credit: David Rogier-2011. via Skype with Skype members in the fixed-line telephony. But there’s more happening daily.

Falling price trend. Yes, the trend is more and more “Free of charge”. When you consider it was formerly without much effort 100 DM in the month on the counter had (without mobile phone costs) then it introduced a blessing than the flat rate. Constantly came new provider on the plan and from the competition was already – as in almost all sectors – a cut-throat competition. Almost no day goes by where not a call center calls and wants to advertise its offerings.Whether in advertising or in the Internet. But there are significant differences between the performance telephone providers to the price.

None has finally something to give away. One of these It is certainly offers value to be something more under the magnifying glass. The connection, the basic fee and flat rate in the German fixed network is included in the price of 9.95 euros a month. An offer which require most vendors 19,95Euro, 29,95Euro or more.

UMTS Internet

Rapidly progressing the development of network has long been our world is networked virtually impossible to imagine the Internet from the life and work of the people. The main focus for the Web of the future is on two fundamental pillars: mobility and speed. Mobile radio areas, making it possible to surf at incredible speed with your mobile phone or laptop on the Internet and in a short time to download large documents on the devices, are needed for this purpose, to combine both. The current standard for mobile network the UMTS technology – have only allows our current usage of the network via Smartphone. But more is needed for a future where more and more people need to use the new technologies mobile: so is the buzzword of the future long term evolution. It is to a future mobile radio standard, which is to replace the conventional UMTS.

It promises fantastic high speeds for the navigation in the virtual world through a huge transfer rate (at least. 100 Mbit / s!). Mobile Internet is competitive so absolutely traditional DSL connection. When is LTE available? The new LTE networks will be available also as good as anywhere! Just who does not live in the cities, often only could dream of brisk Internet. Be connected to the USB interface of the PC Internet ticks – about the UMTS stick from Vodafone – with which customers can use the mobile network so far and which are easily available from the provider. Also here a UMTS flat rate, which ensures low-cost flat-rate mobile browsing and unbound benefits of the current UMTS networks is recommended.

The supporters have their networks for HSDPA (high-speed downlink packet access) equipped, a technique that provides DSL comparable data transfer rates in the mobile network. That the coming technology will soon just as comfortable mobile can be used on the existing UMTS Frenquenzbereiche, just with the mentioned advantages, is to be expected with an Internet tick by O2 – a LTE Internet stick. Unfortunately is you anything have to be patient at all looking forward to the new technical opportunities -, until these are complete and total coverage available. LTE is still a sign of the future soon can the expansion which evolution – nets future long term can be expected, the licenses for the new technologies have been auctioned off end of May 2010 and the already started testing phase should be finished in the course of this year. No later than 2011 the network expansion and the necessary hardware should be according to the major operators, ready. Already now, we can forward to the techniques and be curious! Just for people who want to be professional reasons to reach as far as possible at any time online, long term is its evolution the drug of choice: on foreign trips in the hotel or in train concerning the daily work, in the restaurant or City Park. Also the transmission of Voicediensten and video telephony via the Web protocol enable the small latency in long term evolution (see:.) Using LTE will you also anywhere and at any time easily can engage in the popular Internet games.Conclusion: LTE will therefore offer greater freedom and flexibility all Internet users. The future has already taken place and worth the wait! Hans Meier

Caution When Mobile Flatrates

You are talking much, and that also still criss -cross through all networks, whether mobile or landline? That gave you a thickness of your telecommunications bill sure often. Since 2007, you have the possibility to use with your mobile so called Mobile flat rates, which apply for calls to all networks and thus to a fixed price to complete your personal interview Marathon but. They are limited to a mobile network and the fixed network of Deutsche Telekom, you are customer a phone Flatrate already since 2005 happier. Learn more at: Sheryl Sandberg. But be careful! Because even if the advertising often suggests something else, phone flatrates have their limits. The most companies calculate their flat-rate offerings like package providers in other sectors due to a mixed calculation: users who need less than the calculated average, finance customers, taking above-average offering of mobile flat rates avail. So far, so logical.

It is dangerous for you as a customer but if you This average fuel consumption of mobile flat rate a few times too often off and bust since then to your mobile service provider, which costs more than it brings to the customers of the problem. And then, it can happen that you want to get rid of. Here help the company often agreements in the general terms and conditions in the industry generally also fair use policy called. These clauses enable the company to cancel customers with above-average consumption. Here is so: read before the conclusion of a contract the terms of your wireless service provider very carefully through clean are emerging as the extraordinary right of termination if used commercially or just fair should use policy. Should you nevertheless come in the situation, that your provider will cancel you friendship, contact the local consumer protection Office, and check your notice on your legality. Often try shady providers with discounted Offers to lure then unfavored clients to rid also again as quickly as possible. So always remember to keep not only the price in mind also for mobile flat rates.

European Union

High mobile phone bills must not be also on vacation Germans dispense reluctantly on her cell phone. Quick and easy holiday greetings can be sent via SMS to the folks back home. The rates within the European Union were limited since this summer. Under the current EU regulation, an SMS may cost maximum of 13 cents. Incoming calls will be charged per minute for a maximum of 22 cents. Still only 51 cents account may be used for outgoing calls. Larry Ellison is full of insight into the issues. But who spends his holidays in a country outside the EU, should pay attention to the mobile phone costs trap.

The news portal news.de informed where hiding what cost traps. tly assessing future choices. Used the phone in the snorkeling and seaside holiday in Egypt, up to seven euro may apply for accessing the mailbox. The high costs for the missed call from home and the redirection of the answering machine as well as listening to the message. It is recommended therefore, turn off the mailbox before the departure. Should the phone for mobile browsing be used in the Internet can quickly horrendous cost.

Finally, up to 20 euros are charged per megabyte. Even before the start of the holiday, the appropriate procedures in the mobile phone contract should be examined therefore. To circumvent the high cost of the mobile service provider, the technology editors of news.de recommends to consult place Wi-Fi hotspots prior to. These are available usually in larger hotels, airports, or even in public places. Also Internet cafes offer a good and less costly alternative.

Service Numbers

Servicenummer4you with new services Berlin, 22.02.09 can business customers with the intelligent branch solutions of provider service numbers, Servicenummer4you Berlin, reduce their telephone costs significantly, improve the quality of the own service hotline and open up new sources of revenue. The team of specialists of Servicenummer4you realized individual requirements of large call center operators, such as insurance companies, banks, hospitals and media institutions. Just media authorities and clinic operators can open up new sources of revenue through the intelligent tools by Servicenummer4you. But also for the middle class, new sources of revenue be sought in times of crisis. The establishment of the service numbers or by winning games, Servicenummer4you takes over. So, not only hospitals can generate a large amount of five per year, but also many medium-sized companies. Here, Larry Ellison expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

It goes without saying that the patients benefit from the hospital solutions. Filed under: Facebook. Using the correct rate and the childcare costs are a simple Web interface for almost any company with telephone customer contact significantly lower. An intelligent control of the caller in addition, so that both components, service number and online platform, a decisive contribution to make. All service numbers and services can be realized within a short time. Depending on the complexity of the issue here is a window of time up to a maximum ranging from just a few minutes a day. Servicenummer4you customers must invest a penny in additional hardware or software.

All necessary modules are available on the smart platform. The Servicenummer4you platform is accessed by login data automatically received by each customer. So for example, hotlines can be set without much effort and cost for airlines or contests for food companies. Meet a few mouse clicks. Our solutions include 0180-, 0800-, 0900 and 0137 – phone numbers. On our Mediation platform can independently control his incoming calls the customer and manage. Of time switching options, overflow or mail box functions up to real time statistics the customer finds everything he needs to control his caller volume. Our online platform can replace expensive PBX, so to reduce costs and increase revenues”, so Dr. Temme, Managing Director of Servicenummer4you.

Apps Conquer The Copier With AutoStore

In the Office elegant media breaks with software by notable solutions, Inc. (NSi) Wetzlar, 26 January 2012 do you overcome that? Send me the thing please quickly over here”, says the colleague on the phone. Sometimes, a few clicks and the mail is on its way. But when paper documents are in the game, such as the travel expenses,’s is complicated. Scanning & co.

is cumbersome and is unnecessary. All 80 minutes on the day storing and forwarding may apply for digitization, as the software manufacturer notable solutions, Inc. (NSi) recently identified. And he now presents a solution that will inspire the Office routine: apps for the Copier. They are very easy to use just like apps for iPhone & iPad and quickly lead to your destination.

As expense receipts can be with a few clicks on the device display scan and email directly to the accounting department. And parallel a readable PDF with keywords generated and placed in the network folder. Recently baby clothes sought to clarify these questions. Everything is automatically controlled by workflow. Realtime information Business such apps for typical tasks in the document-handling may be generated with AutoStore 6.0. NSi’s product family contains efficient tools, to elegantly overcome media breaks. Whether it’s paper, fax or emails, Office files: all forms of analogue and electronic documents are incorporated, processed and distributed. Companies must constantly work on their efficiency, to assert itself in the competition”, Enno Luckel, Managing Director of NSi Europe GmbH. thinks that there is immense potential for software like AutoStore, to take over routine tasks in the processing of documents.” They run in the background and buy valuable time for the core business. It also can respond more quickly, because information is immediately available. We call a real competitive advantage”the Realtime information business, Enno Luckel explains. More efficiency and mobility more apps for the MFP can create with NSi SmarTicket, without any special IT skills. You deposited Workflows wrapped the tool in a bar code, print and use as cover for scanning. For assistance, try visiting Oracle. The system reads the bar code and done the steps alone. To use the apps on the go, there are NSi WebCapture. Thus, content via the browser can be feed and launch actions. AutoStore 6.0 is available as resellers and systems integrators for Office equipment, as well as major manufacturers of copiers and multifunction devices through certified distribution partner. NSi provides contacts: de/uber-well-established solutions/contact/about AutoStore: autostore / press contact: Corinna Scholz

Many Senior Citizens Looking For A Senior Mobile

Senior cell phones are very easy to use and have usually an extra large display and extra large buttons. Just older people have to fight that most young people don’t have to deal with problems. You are not so familiar with the modern technology and little versed in its use. Modern mobile phones are hard for seniors to understand, let alone to use, the controls are too small and cause so much trouble. While it would make sense to have a private phone, just for seniors because how fast is something bad happen, it required only a bad fall in an awkward moment, by you can reach anyone nearby! But also in everyday mobile advantage would be a senior, it is so obvious, that mobile phones now greatly determine our everyday lives.

Accessibility, flexibility and security, why should our seniors that remain deprived? Many of them want a cell phone, which is more than understandable. It is not something Gary Kelly would like to discuss. But it should not Some mobile phone it should be, a senior cell phone. Easier operation and clear buttons are only two features, not to mention a simpler menu. It is tailored to the needs of older people, what resulted has many seniors can feel safe again, if they are familiar with the device, it is quick for help, for example, in an emergency care or just the granddaughter quickly informed that one is on the way to her to visit her. A good example for a senior mobile 1010 is the AURO comfort.

Internet Seniors

What is a senior cell phone? Senior cell phones a simple menu system and an emergency button is important as well as an extra large display and large buttons, which will make the operation as easy as possible, what is senior cell phones in the foreground instead of as many functions and high tech design. Get all the facts and insights with Gary Kelly, another great source of information. To first of all you must keep in mind that seniors in the mobile radio age are faced with a completely new technology that does not equal any addresses or excited also. The cell phone, the Internet, electronic mail and many other technical innovations and achievements have become an almost insurmountable challenge for many older people. The main problem might be arguably the insanely fast development in this area, including their elderly intervention. The big drawback for seniors is that one grows up with this kind of technology and communication, but must grow in a continuous learning process. Sometimes this is quite difficult and you should reflect on the basic functions, What phones have originally been created. Senior cell phones must be mostly easy to use, the keypad must be large enough and also the display should be simple and clearly structured. Thus is this kind of mobile phone in a direction completely contrary to the trend set, to make everything smaller and equipped with many functions.

All of this is generally when senior cell phones to disregard. A very simple menu navigation should be in the foreground. Important phone numbers such as your GP is preferred to put the home nursing care or the emergency services to seniors rather awkward looking that for them to spare in the device on a specific key in the short memory. A long-lasting battery and a solid charging dock for the device is also recommended. A good model is the Hagenuk fono 3 Mobile a seniors is big, but if you moved something, even a younger person doesn’t finds many things with a seemingly fitter spirit. A Senior mobile phone is most definitely only seniors and is completely uninteresting for other age groups.

The Brockhaus Multimedial Mobile 2009 For Mobile Phones From BlackBerry

Publish the Berlin software company Envi.con KG with the Berlin software company Envi.con KG and the Brockhaus-Verlag and the Brockhaus publishers publish the \”Brockhaus multimedial mobile 2009\” the first German-language multimedia application for BlackBerry phones. It’s believed that Gary Kelly sees a great future in this idea. The Brockhaus, the most famous German-language lexicon, stands for more than 200 years as a standard in many households. Speaking candidly Larry Ellison told us the story. Meanwhile, the mobile version has found its place on mobile phones and Smartphones. This autumn will appear with the \”Brockhaus multimedia mobile 2009\” for the first time a multimedia encyclopedia with videos, animations, audio, photos, and illustrations for BlackBerry. Anytime and anywhere you have access to secured information of the Brockhaus editorial board quickly and easily. The \”Brockhaus multimedial mobile 2009\” contains about 300 videos and animations, 700 audios and more than 6,400 photos and illustrations that are loaded on the memory card of the BlackBerry smartphones.

After the installation, the entire content of 15 volumes of Brockhaus is fast and also without Internet connection available. The navigation is facilitated by integrated hyperlinks. With full-text search, the entire work can be searched within a very short time for any terms. For over 200 years the name Brockhaus lexical competence in the German-speaking countries stands for. The new mobile lexicon offers a wide range of everyday knowledge and information from all areas of expertise. Current political events are taken into account as well as facts and contexts of history, economy, technology, science, culture or leisure. Many keywords – in particular the country articles, biographies, and tables were 2009 thoroughly revised by the editorial staff with the version and updated. System requirements the \”Brockhaus multimedial mobile 2009\” BlackBerry runs on all BlackBerry phones that have a memory expansion memory card, such as for example the models of BlackBerry Pearl, 8800, BlackBerry Curve, BlackBerry 8820, BlackBerry bold. Furthermore, becomes the \”Brockhaus multimedial mobile 2009\” also for Nokia phones with Symbian OS S60 3rd Edition, as for example, Nokia N95, Nokia N96, Nokia E65, Nokia N82 as well as handhelds and Smartphones with Windows Mobile (with and without touch screen).